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Delta-q 24v "Comms" industrial Charger 27amps 650w

Delta-q 24v
Industrial battery charger which uses an innovative sealed die cast aluminum enclosure to provide the ultimate in reliability. Featuring a patented USB host port, and highly flexible universal DC connections. Sold in 24, 36 and 48 volts of direct current (VDC) models.
This the Comm version, The “Comm” version supports on-board communication with other components using CAN bus or Modbus programming. DC and AC cabling is completely customizable and field replaceable.
This model 24v 27a 650watts.
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DELTA-Q IC650 offer specialised chargers for 24v/36v/48v markets and specialise in the supply of chargers for Golf Carts, Electric Scooters, Aerial Platforms, Lift Trucks and Industrial machines, Floor scrubbers etc.

The IC650 Battery Charger provides 650 watts of DC output power and is available in three output voltages —24V, 36V and 48V for usage in applications such as lift trucks, floor cleaning machines, aerial work platforms, and electric scooters. Delta-Q intends to release higher voltage variants in the future to meet customer demand.

PLEASE NOTE: Algorythms for the DeltaQ Chargers can be set by us if using our batteries. In most cases other brand batteries can be used with the same settings but some battery types (such as lithium) can't be set by us -it is a requirement that you have your charger set-up in conjunction with the battery providers instructions, failue to do and document this will leave all warrantees void.

Rugged, sealed aluminum die cast enclosure protects against extreme environments.
Convection cooling eliminates the need for a cooling fan, thereby increasing reliability and eliminating the need for fan replacement/service.
IP66 protection allows reliable operation in harsh environments.

Integrated USB port allows easy updating of software, charge profiles and retrieval of charge history.
Flooded, sealed and lithium battery compatibility. Select from an extensive list of approved charge algorithms backed with the validation of Delta-Q and many major battery manufacturers.
IC650 chargers store up to 25 algorithms which can be selected to match the specific batteries in use. IC650 chargers can easily be programmed via the user interface built into every charger, and remotely serviced supported without the need of an on-site technician.
Advanced, high-frequency, switch-mode design allows more efficient (90% typ), faster charging and optimal charging independent of battery type or condition.
Optional CANbus allows communication and integration into machinery

Wide range AC mains input (85 - 270 VAC) allows use of one charger anywhere in the world and eliminates the need to stock and service multiple models.
Lightweight and compact size allows on-board use and offers space advantages over traditional SCR & ferro-resonant chargers and can be used in on or off-board installations.
Universal DC connections allow the use of any user selected connector from a single model.

“Customers have universally stressed the need for more durable industrial chargers. We built the IC650 within a fully sealed die cast aluminum enclosure to withstand the high vibration and exposure to dust and moisture that is typical of on-board environments,” said Evan Sanders, Vice President, Global Sales at Delta-Q.
“Delta-Q also added features that customers have requested to support fleet management initiatives and simplify field service, like the charger’s ability to use a USB memory stick to download the charger’s data log or update its software,” added Sanders.
Delta-Q has commenced volume production shipments and evaluation samples are readily available for OEMs to order. The IC650 OEM Installation and Design Guide has been released to provide instructions for selecting the right charger model and designing it into a vehicle or machine application.
DeltaQ Charger Extremely DurableA fully sealed die cast aluminum enclosure protects the charger from fluids and other contaminants. The design of the charger enclosure mirrors the internal components, protecting against shock and vibration.

DeltaQ Battery Chargers The “Connected Charger” A USB host port allows charge tracking downloads and charger software updates using a commonly available USB flash drive. This information can be used by OEMs to improve products, limit battery warranty claims and help field technicians in troubleshooting issues.

DeltaQ Battery Chargers Battery Charging FlexibilityThe IC650 can store up to 25 battery charging profiles, which are optimized through extensive testing to provide a precise battery charge based on the battery chemistry and its manufacturer. These charge profiles allow charging to occur quickly, yet carefully, maximizing battery life and performance.

DeltaQ Battery Chargers Model Choices & Customizable CablingTwo versions of the IC650 Charger are available, called “Base” and “Comm.” The “Comm” version supports on-board communication with other components using CAN bus or Modbus programming. DC and AC cabling is completely customizable and field replaceable.

A range of downloads for you to access complete specifications and manufacturer advisories, includes programming software.






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NZ$ 1,183.00 including GST

or four interest-free payments of $295.75 with
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