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Electric Fishing Reel Batteries

YES, THE BATTERY CELL IS 100% NZ OWNED and LEGITIMATE -the proof is right [HERE]

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Electric Fishing reel batteries, Electric fishing reels? Let them say what they want! Some of us need a hand hauling in the fish, those in the know appreciate these devices -Hapuka/Groper who needs that dead weight ruining the rest of the days fishing? These reels have opened up a new world to those who could not fish at all. THE BATTERY CELL supports Electric fishing reels AND we can supply you with the batteries to suit. The more AH in you battery, the longer the use time. Talk to us if your are not sure what suits your reel and fishing style or trip. Quality options -Great performance. -Remember, if you are choosing a lightweight Lithium option you MUST use a Lithium Battery charger.
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YES -we are that same awesome Battery Shop that used to be on The Esplanade!