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LITHIUM Batteries + Gear

YES, THE BATTERY CELL IS 100% NZ OWNED and LEGITIMATE -the proof is right [HERE]

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LITHIUM Batteries. Thinking about going Lithium? Changing to Lithium? READY to go Lithium. Lithium Batteries require Lithium Products to suit, Lithium Charging, Lithium Solar regulation, Charging system regulation. THIS SECTION is exclusive to Lithium and Lithium compatible product.
    LITHIUM CYCLING BATTERIES, Batteries used for power storage such as RV, Motorhome, Boats, baches, Go
  • Lithium Starting Batteries
    Lithium Starting Batteries, batteries used to start an engine - Motorcycle, ATV, QUAD, Jetski, Racin
  • Lithium chargers + charge systems
    Lithium Batteries require Lithium Chargers and Lithium charge system regulators/adaptors. SOME Lithi
  • Lithium Solar
    Lithium Solar. Got solar panels charging Lithium Batteries? You need to upgrade your solar charging
    LITHIUM RV, BOAT, MOTORHOME. Setting up a Boat, RV, Motorhome, bach, tiny home etc? Adapting a vehic
  • Lithium power Packs
    Portable Lithium Power, lithium Generators, Backup Lithium Power. Taking over the need to store bat

YES -we are that same awesome Battery Shop that used to be on The Esplanade!