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AGM and EFB batteries for vehicles. Extremely versatile and robust. This is THE BATTERY CELL's favourite battery technology. High Cranking, Good capacity and higher Voltage stability -Meeting the requirements of Start-Stop, Hybrid Electric and Electric Cars. The other beauty of these Traction AGM batteries is they can be used in almost all battery applications, Starting, Racing, Cycling, Stand-by, Motorhomes, Golf carts, Boats, Industrial equipment and more. Get yours today.
AGM Batteries for Start-Stop, Electric, Hybrid Electric or simply Permformance vehicles. These batteries utilize true traction plate technology to provide superior constant power performance at high operating voltages reducing electric component and motor fatigue. Includes Very High Cranking capability as well as cycling characteristics.

Dry Cell AGM batteries are constructed to deliver excellent run times and very good cycle life in hard, high rate and deep cycle applications. 

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