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specialty batteries

YES, THE BATTERY CELL IS 100% NZ OWNED and LEGITIMATE -the proof is right [HERE]

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Battery packs, specialist applications, Vacuum Batteries, emergency lighting and much more.

Premade or specialty battery replacements may require viewing for quotes, you will need to send us the batteries and put down a non-refundable deposit of $20 for this service. (the $20 deposit becomes a down payment on the job if you wish to go ahead after a quote. If you do wish to proceed the money is retained to cove the service costs)

NB    Orders are dispatched 7-15 business days after order date, our aim is 7 business days, but this is dependant on the date of your order

If not listed CONTACT US with as much information as you can for your battery requirement, the application and digital images help.

For example. Laptop Battery for ACER -please provide

1) Make + Model >>eg ACER + INSPIRE, ACER + TRAVELMATE etc, Series >>>eg C100, 2300

2) Any and all partnumbers on the device and on the battery (incl product serial number), if not sure -give as much information on the battery as possible. This should include Volatge (v) and capacity (mAh). Images of your battery does help with a faster service.

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YES -we are that same awesome Battery Shop that used to be on The Esplanade!