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General information listed first, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below.

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Q: Can you fit on site? Or come to our location?

A: Yes we can fit on-site for most vehicles (not motorcycles, quads, boats or large commercial). No we do not have a call-out service.

Q: Do you repack batteries?

A: Yes, we have this service available -we only use quality japanese cells, so expecting this service to be "cost effective" would be an incorrect assumption

Q: Do you charge batteries? Flat batteries?

A: yes, we charge batteries -this is at a cost and it is per battery.

Q: Do you import product?

A: No we do not import ANY products, we are 100% NZ owned and proud, we use NZ Based import/wholesale companies for our goods, ensuring not only the retention of some of our countries money back in to our communities but also 'peace of mind' that there is technical help and support/parts etc IN our country.

Q: Do you do all kinds of batteries, not just car batteries?

A: Car batteries (Starting batteries =Boat, Car, Truck, Commercial, Industrial, Motorcycle Jetski etc) are our specialty, but YES we do "all" other batteries from watch batteries to huge emergency back-up batteries -we are a Battery Retailer, that covers a LOT of batteries.

Q: Do you dispose of the old batteries? Does this cost us? Do you pay for the old batteries?

A: Yes, we dispose of Lead Based batteries only, we do not take any other type of battery to dispose -contact your local council if you haev any other type of batteries for disposal. No, dropping off your old lead acid based battery/s will cost you nothing, we do not pay for you old batteries either. Up to 95% of lead based batteries can be recycled -AND WE LOVE THAT.

Q: How important is it to have the correct battery replaced in my Vehicle?

A: GOOD QUESTION =VERY IMPORTANT. It pays to supply your licence plate number when enquiring about the battery for your vehicle (if you cannot bring your vehicle to us), we use this to find the Manufacture specified battery for your vehicle, ensuring the battery is correct. there are very good reasons why manufacture recommended batteries are used -changing this is not only unprofessional of any battery retailer, but you the customer are asking for trouble -you will also lose any warranty/s if the battery is not the correct battery for your vehicle. If price is the issue, their is usually a cheaper option in the correct size. THE BATTERY CELL does not recommend or encourage changing size and/or chemistry. Some vehicles require specific chemistry batteries too, like Hybrid and Electric vehicles, Stop-Start vehicles must have Stop-start batteries (even if the feature has been turned off. Unsure -WE WILL KNOW come and see us.

Q: How do I make my Battery last as long as possible?

A: "USE" the battery/s. Maintain the battery with maintenance chargers (we sell these) if not used often, or use small Solar Battery Maintenance Panels =Max 10watt Solar per battery (we sell these solar panels). If you have access to the cells, check the water levels and use ONLY distilled adn/or deionised water -do not top up with Acid (acid replacement is only for battery electrolyte spills). Charge your battery/s once a year, ever year (even if you think the battery is charged), use a quality up-to-date charger (we sell these) Other good battery information is [HERE]

Q: Are all sealed batteries GEL batteries? Are all sealed starting batteries CALCIUM batteries? If my car battery is not sealed, it is not calcium right? I've also heard that Calcium batteries go flat in older cars -correct?

A: No, not all sealed batteries are GEL batteries, almost ALL battery technologies/chemistries can be in a non-spillable/non-access (sealed) container. No not all sealed starting batteries are calcium. No, if you car battery is not sealed it does not mean it is not calcium chemistry, CALCIUM batteries refer to plate technology only, they can come in almost any form and YES we know other battery retailers are telling their customers open starting batteries are not calcium, this is not true in most cases -ask for proof if you're not sure. AND NO, No vehicles charging system will make any automotive battery go flat UNLESS the charging system has failed. It does not take much from your charging system to "keep" a battery charged. The ONLY issue with CALCIUM batteries is the fact they they need a CALCIUM battery charger (we sell these) if they ever go flat, if you charge them on non-calcium capable chargers they will play up until they are charged on a calcium capable charger. DON'T BE AFRAID OF CALCIUM BATTERIES , they are 90% of the starting market and provide much more power than the conventional lead acid battery/s and they should last just as long if not longer. If you haven't flattened your Calcium battery, you should not have an issue. If you haev a calcium capable battery charger, you should not have ANY issue (well, at least until the battery has reached the end of it's life). GOOD QUESTIONS!!!

Q: If I haven't used my battery at all, it should still sit around in good condition for a long time?

A: No, Why have a battery if you are not using it. Enemies of ALL batteries are HEAT, COLD, VIBRATION and LACK OF USE. We recommend and insist that if you have a battery that is/has not been used that you charge this (or charge and maintain) every 2 months -Mark it on your calendar. If you have a vehicle that is alarmed, a battery will only last 2 WEEKS -yes, only 2 weeks. Time for a solar solution, or a charger that you can leave on (we sell these). Not using your battery is called NEGLECT, those knowledgeable people in the battery industry can tell if you battery has not been used -this will cost you any warrantees so PLEASE don't let your batteries go flat, never them them in a flat state, it is the number one killer of batteries.

Q: Can I return my batteries if I don't need them or my device still doesn't work?

A: You can ONLY return batteries if they are faulty or if the battery does not match your exiting/old battery (and your battery is the correct battery by manufacturer recommendations), it is then only replaced with the correct size. We do not HIRE out batteries, it is up to you to ensure the battery is correct if you do not bring in the old battery at time of purchase -if any packaging is removed, the battery becomes a used battery, you cannot return a used battery to us -that's unfair. Returns and warranty information are all in our terms and conditions -it's all about common sense here at THE BATTERY CELL, please don't try to "use" or "abuse" our good nature. Terms and Conditions are viewable [HERE], anyone purchasing from THE BATTERY CELL is subject to them.

Q: How do I know that my battery needs changing? It could be something else...

A: FREE BATTERY TESTING here at THE BATTERY CELL, get your battery tested to be sure BUT this does not mean there might be not be another fault already existing, it is not uncommon to Starter Motors, Alternators and Batteries to fail in the same period -this is particulalry common if someone has chosen to use a jumpstarter for a long period of time. USUALLY starting issues are caused by the battery on it's own BUT eliminate the battery as an issue with us for FREE and/or get sorted with a replacement at a fantastic price if it fails the test. NB: Had your battery tested elsewhere and you're not sure if you believe them when they tell you it's faulty? get a second opinion from us!!! We can test and explain the test in front of you -no fishy business! If your original diagnosis IS correct from elsewhere, we will completely understand if you go back to them for a replacement battery, we'd also like to know those people are so we can be sure of the truth if someone else comes in saying the same outfit tested their battery previously. Battery Retailers are in a position of TRUST, we don't want you to experience an abuse of that power/privilege.

Q: let us know [HERE] what your question is, so we can post it with our reply for others who may have the very same question -THANKS