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A huge selection of chargers for all types of batteries. If it is not listed it does not mean we cannot source what you need.

Battery Chargers All TYPES. Car chargers, Power tool chargers, Motorcycle chargers, Motorhome chargers, marine chargers, AA AAA C D 9V Chargers, Nicad charger, NiMH charger, Li-Ion charger, AGM charger, Gel charger, Calcium Charger -

YOU NAME IT we can get the charger you need, if it's not listed contact us.


  • 12v Battery Chargers
    12v Charger, 12 volt chargers, 12v battery chargers. A variety of 12v battery chargers for cars, motorcycles, Quads, Jetskis, Boats, Vans, Commercial, Trucks, Industrial, RV, Campervan, Motorhome, Battery Bank applications and more. Click on each product image for more details on that product.
  • 6v, 24v, 36v + 48v + Mobility Battery chargers
    6v, 24v, 36v + 48v Battery chargers. A variety of 24v, 36v and 48v battery chargers for cars, motorcycles, Quads, Jetskis, Boats, Vans, Commercial, Trucks, Industrial, Classic cars, RV, Campervan, Motorhome, Battery Bank, Golf Carts, Mobility buggy applications and more. If what you are after is not listed please make contact with details of what you need.
  • Car, boat, Truck, Motorcycle + Cycling Battery chargers
    Battery Chargers for Cars, Boats, Trucks, Motorcycles + deep cycle batteries. What Charger for my application? Make sure the charger you select matches the voltage of your battery, that it is capable of charging your battery type (if unsure contact us or the dealer you purchased your battery from). The "rule of thumb" for the best charger selection is based on Ah rating on your battery battery/s or CCA rating on your battery/s. Total Ah =charger should be 10% of that rating, eg. 100ah =10a charger. Total CCA =charger should be 1% of that rating, eg. 1000cca = 10a charger. Some chargers are quite clever and can charge larger batteries than you'd think -check the ratings on each. Most (if not all) of the chargers listed will also maintain your battery =leave it on charge when not in use =highly recommended, again check each Charger for this feature. Click to view full range.
  • Solar Chargers, Maintainers, Panels + Power Banks
    A small selection of Solar panels suitable for Maintaining batteries in a charged state. Great for infrequently used machines. Larger panel kits for larger charging+maintaining needs. RIGID Panels and Solar controllers. And for the Tech Guru who's on the go =Stored Battery bank power. Some of the products are suitable for Electronic devices including Drones! + a selection of Panels and Controllers for those who are setting up permanent solar charging/Maintaining.
  • Multi-Voltage + Multi-Output + battery bank Battery Chargers
    Multi-Voltage Charger, Multi-Voltage battery chargers. A variety of 6/12/24v combo voltage battery chargers for cars, motorcycles, Quads, Jetskis, Boats, Vans, Commercial, Trucks, Industrial, RV, Campervan, Motorhome, Battery Banks, Workshop applications and more. Where ever more than x1 voltage is needed and preferred from the same charger. This section also includes Chargers that can charge more than x1 battery. Click on each product image for more details on that product.
  • Lithium Specific Battery Chargers
    A list of Battery chargers with the ability or sole ability to charge Lithium rechargeable batteries. Again, Only quality options listed.
  • AA, AAA, C, D, 9V + UNI Chargers, Camera Chargers,  Specialty chargers
    House Hold Battery Chargers, Camera Chargers, Lithium Cell chargers + Specialty chargers. AA charger, AAA Charger, Battery charger, NiMH charger, NiCad CHARGER, Lithium charger, li-ion charger, liIon charger, 3.6v charger, 4.8v charger, camera charger, mobile charger, cellphone charger, laptop charger, charger, universal charger, C charger, D charger, 9V Charger, 9 volt charger, C battery charger, D battery charger, 9v battery charger, AA charger, AAA charger, AA Battery charger, AAA battery chargers. If the charger you are after is not listed, contact us.
  • Motorhome Battery Chargers
    Motorhome chargers, Chargers for RV's Motorhomes, caravans, Buses. Which ever utility vehicle you have, if you have a connection for mains power as well as a battery bank and you want a charger permanently wired in that will automatically adjust, then these are the chargers for you.
  • SLA Battery Chargers
    Battery Chargers specifically designed for SLA Batteries (Sealed Lead Acid).
  • charger extras
    This section holds all the rest of the Trident family of chargers. An EXTENSIVE range, with the focus on battery bank charging, multi-output charging and charging manipulation for those "in the know". Quality is again paramount with these products.
  • Ctek Battery Chargers
    CTEK Battery Chargers the worlds SMARTEST chargers. Selection of CTEK CHARGING, ANALYSING and Accessory product.
  • Projecta Battery Chargers
    High-end Performance Battery Chargers for the Automotive, Motorcycle, Marine, Cycling and Workshop battery Industry.
  • DC-DC + Other Chargers
    Wether it is a solar charger, DC TO DC, Alternator, combination input and combination output chargers, there are many solutions to the many tricky requirements for you power needs -the looking is the hardest part. Multi-buy discounts on some products, simply click on product image to view the options.