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Universal Fast Charger with LCD and USB Outlet AA/AAA/C/D+9V

Universal Fast Charger with LCD and USB Outlet AA/AAA/C/D+9V
Fast charger for standard rechargeable cells

This is a powerful, yet flexible, fast charger for all those standard (AA/AAA/C/D) rechargeable cells (Ni-MH or Ni-Cd), up to 6 at a time, including 2 exclusive slots for 9V rechargeable batteries. Up to 1A charging per cell (depending on size) means typical AA cells will only take a couple of hours to charge. Feedback on charging status is provided thanks to an informative LCD panel and status lights. It also provides a convenient 1A USB outlet, so you can charge your smartphone, tablet or any other USB powered device. This unit does not charge rechargeable Lithium or Alkaline cells. The presence of individual charging channels means that you can charge an odd number of batteries, such as 1 or 3.

- Quick charge
- USB output
- Intuitive LCD display
- LED indicators (various modes)
- Input Voltage: 100-240VAC @ 450mA, 50/60 Hz
- Charging Output:
 6 x 1.2V @ 1000mA                 
 6 x 1.2V @ 500mA / USB
 6 x 1.2V @ 500 mA
 6 x 1.2V @ 250 mA / USB  
     C / D:
 4 x 1.2V @ 1000mA
 4 x 1.2V @ 500mA / USB
 2 x 9V @ 70mA
 2 x 9V @ 35mA  / USB
- USB Output: 5VDC @ 1A

Width : 182mm
Height : 57mm
Depth : 145mm

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