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100W 12V Semi Flexible Solar Panel with DF Technology (FREE DELIVERY)

100W 12V Semi Flexible Solar Panel with DF Technology (FREE DELIVERY)
12v 100 watt flexible Solar Panel. PREMIUM grade. A lightweight and versatile mono-crystalline solar panel designed for RV, marine and camping applications. The advanced DF cell technology produces high conversion efficiency up to 20%, giving much more power for a smaller footprint

THE BATTERY CELL RECOMMENDATION FOR THIS FLEXI PANEL (but nor required as built-in diodes with this panel):

This panel requires a solar controller/regulator, visit our Solar controllers category for options (Minimum 12v 7a controller required)

The DF cell, identified by its 21 bus bars, is also flexible up to 30 degrees. You can mount the panel on a curved surface such as a boat deck or curved rooftop.
Thanks to its lightweight design, 2.5mm thickness, and IP65 weatherproof rating, it is perfect for portable applications as well. The mounting holes allow you to secure it using rope for temporary applications or screws for permanent mounting. The short leads with MC4 PV connectors also make it easy to disconnect.
A blocking diode is built into the panel to prevent discharging a battery at night time, BUT adding a solar charge regulator to charge batteries more effectively and is HIGHLY recommended by THE BATTERY CELL.

DC Voltage : 12V
Power : 100W
Type: Monocrystalline
Open Circuit Voltage : 20.5V
Short Circuit Current : 7.1A
Voltage at Power Max : 18V
Current at Power Max : 5.9A
Power Connector : 4mm PV Connector (MC4 Style)
Bypass Diode Included
Length : 940mm
Width : 690mm
Height : 2.5mm
Weight: 1.7Kg

NZ$ 382.00 including GST
TBC-9158ZM 100W
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