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  • CAR Batteries
    Car Batteries, we simply have the BIGGEST selection around. NEW from $85. FREE BATTERY TESTING, COVERED ON-SITE PARKING, WE HAVE A FITTING SERVICE, NO APPOINTMENTS NECESSARY. WE ALSO ACCEPT PURCHASES FROM ALL OVER NZ, Delivery charge will depend on your location.
  • MOTORCYCLE Batteries -Quads + Jetski
    Motorcycle Batteries. Conventional, AGM/GEL/DRY CELL and Lithium high crank Motorcycle batteries listed here. These are the same batteries used in ATV's, Quads, Jetskis, Ski-doos, some Lawn-mowers, some generators. And some of the more powerful options are used for racing (small yet powerful and in some cases lightweight).
  • BOAT Batteries -Marine
    Boat Batteries. Some of our MARINE starting batteries available to purchase online. Much bigger range + more brands in-store... This category is listed with the Starting batteries first, followed by the dual purpose batteries (start+cycle in one) and then the Marine specific deep cycling batteries -for all your loads (if you don't want marine grade cycling batteries, please view our DEEP CYCLE section), and then various battery accessories you may need.
    Truck Batteries. High Crank Commercial grade Battery purchases. EXIDE, SUPERCHARGE, NP POWER, CROWN USA, ULTRA + PANASONIC. click on the pages within this category to get to the bigger batteries.
  • AA AAA C D 9V Batteries
    AA, AAA, AAAA, C, D, 9V batteries, Heavy duty, Alkaline, NiMH and Lithium. Listed here
  • AGM, EV, Start-stop Batteries
    AGM batteries for vehicles. Extremely versatile and robust. This is THE BATTERY CELL's favourite battery technology. High Cranking, Good capacity and higher Voltage stability -Meeting the requirements of Start-Stop, Hybrid Electric and Electric Cars. The other beauty of these Traction AGM batteries is they can be used in almost all battery applications, Starting, Racing, Cycling, Stand-by, Motorhomes, Golf carts, Boats, Industrial equipment and more. Get yours today.
  • Camera Batteries / Camcorder
    Camera Batteries. A selection of replacement batteries for popular Photography Brands.
  • Coin Batteries / Button Cell Batteries
    Button cell batteries, Coin Batteries for all types of electronic devices
  • Cordless Phone Batteries
    Cordless Phone Batteries. There are literally 100's of cordless phone batteries. Using our search bar to the top left is the best way to filter the options. If it is not listed, it does not mean we can get it. Let us know. More Quality products from THE BATTERY CELL
  • Deep Cycle Batteries
    Deep Cycle batteries. Deep cycle Battery. From 30a/h and upward. For Deep cycle applications such as Caravans, RV's, Motorhomes, Boats, Baches, Houses, Solar, Wind, UPS, Back-up, Fridges, Campers, Buses, Planes ANYTHING that requires a store and supply of DC Battery Power!! 2v, 6v, 8v, 12v (arrays for 36v, 48v as high as you need to go) Flooded, AGM, Gel, Sealed, Carbon, Lithium, VRLA, SLA and even hybrid combos. If what you need is not listed -Contact us
  • EXIDE Batteries -Anywhere in NZ
    Exide Batteries, delivered anywhere in NZ as long as it is the North or South Island and the location is not deemed RURAL by 'any' courier company. To get a quote and/or order simply make contact with the part number of the product you require or pop in-store
  • Fishing Reel + Kontiki Batteries
    Electric Fishing Reel Batteries and Kontiki Style Rig Batteries. A selection of batteries split into x2 categories. Serious battery options for those serious about their fishing for Leisure, Sport, competition or commercial options. CLICK ON CATEGORY PICTURE/S BELOW TO VIEW PRODUCTS
  • Gel Type Batteries -SLA, AGM, GEL
    Gel-type Batteries, Sealed Batteries, Gel, AGM, SLA, Hybrids VRLA... A vast selection of enclosed valve regulated (VRLA) Batteries, for house alarms, UPS, kids toys, golf carts, fishing reels, jump packs, electric guns, PA's, GPS, Enviromowers, Genrators and so many many more applications.
  • Golf Trundler Golf Cart Batteries
    Golf Cart Batteries, Golf Trundler Batteries, Golf Buggy. Whatever you want to call them, This section has battery listings suitable for those vehicles on the course. From the small motorised golf bag to the large and thrifty speed demans that are the Golf Buggy or Golf Cart, some with multi battery options. 2 PAGES to select from. 8v, 48v bundles, 6v, 36v bundles, 6v sealed, 12v from high capacity to lowest capacity.
  • Hearing Aid Batteries
    Hearing aid Batteries, common replacement packs
  • Lithium Batteries Cycling/Standby
    A range of Lithium Batteries to replace Gel-type, SLA, AGM sealed batteries. Keeping the size the same but the at less than half of it's equivalent. Looking for an alternative to the Old Skool SLA, VRLA, AGM, GEL and Gel-type Batteries? These could be what you are looking for. Safety recommendations for use of these batteries must be adhered to, Lithium Batteries require Lithium Battery chargers -WE HAVE THESE LISTED AT THE END OF THE PRODUCTS FOR THIS SECTION.
  • Lifeline batteries USA
    For TOP level performance Drycell Batteries -Starting, Cycling, Used by U.S. Coastguard. As it was when it was founded, the Concorde Battery Corporation is still a US family owned and operated premium battery manufacturer. More than three decades ago a pair of mechanically inclined, hands on hard working families began producing lead-acid batteries from the ground up. These premium batteries were first marketed to the aviation industry. Over the years, and with numerous technological advances in hardware and chemistries, Concorde locked in the position as manufacturer of one of the highest quality batteries in the industry. It wasn't long before Concorde began marketing multiple brand named batteries into an array of industries around the world. AGM Batteries dry-cell, TOP performance results -Tolerable.
  • Laptop Batteries
  • Lawnmower Batteries
    Lawnmower Batteries. A bigger range than you'd think. Follow instructions in this section to get the replacement info you are after.
  • Mobile Phone Batteries
    Mobile Phone Batteries, Cellphone batteries, PDA, Blackberry + more
  • Motorhome Batteries  (RV / Camper)
    Motorhome Batteries, Caravans, RV's, Baches and the like. Make sure you check dimensions -we are a phone call or an email away if you need assistance. Not all Batteries and Battery types are listed.
  • Power Tool Batteries
    Power Tool Batteries. Power Tool Battery Replacement.
  • Racing Batteries -Power Sports, Performance, Stereo
    Racing Batteries. Extreme Sports, Racing and Military spec Batteries. High end, High performance. For those serious about their batteries.
  • SEALED  Batteries
    SLA, Gel type, AGM for UPS, House alarms, Scooters, Toy ride ons and much more. 12v + 6v
  • Specialty Batteries
    Battery packs, specialist applications, Vacuum Batteries, emergency lighting and much more.
  • Supercharge batteries -Anywhere in NZ
    Supercharge Batteries, delivered anywhere in NZ as long as it is the North or South Island and the location is not deemed RURAL by 'any' courier company. To get a quote and/or order simply make contact with the part number of the product you require or pop in-store Have a look at the comprehensive range. They are split into categories below, click on the appropriate category to view the products.
  • TROJAN Batteries
    Trojan batteries, Trojan is the world's most trusted name in deep cycle batteries. For over 85 years, Trojan has been the world's leading manufacturer of deep cycle batteries. With a reputation built on quality, innovation and leadership. Trojans innovative battery products are found in golf carts, renewable energy application, floor machines, marine and recreational vehicles.
  • VARTA Auto/Cycle batteries
    VARTA, European Designed, European Manufactured with over 125yrs experience and the backing and use of major European Luxury Car manufacturers such as BMW, MERCEDES-BENZ, AUDI and more. Top performance for Top vehicles, why look for European batteries not made in Europe? Do yourself and your loved vehicle a favour and get the real thing when you need it at THE BATTERY CELL. This section will have available 90% of the European VARTA made battery products, which includes Automotive, Commercial, Cyclable and 4WD drive. Choose from Black Dynamic (John Deer/New Holland speciality), Blue Dynamic (Standard range), Silver Dynamic (High Demand range)) or Silver/AGM Dynamic (Dry Cell, Start-stop, Cyclic, TOP-END range). If you're unsure -ask us what would be best for your vehicle. Please note: for the best response, measure your existing battery, length width and height BUT also take note of any additional room for more length -in many cases you can fit a bigger battery. VARTA Batteries, delivered anywhere in NZ as long as it is the North or South Island and the location is not deemed RURAL by 'any' courier company. To get a quote and/or order simply make contact with the part number of the product you require or pop in-store
  • VARTA Motorcycle Batteries
    Motorcycle Batteries manufacturer in European Factories, EXCEPTIONAL perdformance and quality as only VARTA can supply. Starting power. Long life. Reliability. You can expect all that and more from a high-performance VARTA powersports battery. This innovative line of Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) powersports batteries gives you something no other brand can offer. SUITABLE FOR: Motorcycles, Mopeds, Nifties, ATV's, Quads, Jetskis, Skidoos, Generators and wherever else a Motorcycle battery is utilised.
  • Watch Batteries (Calculator / Electronics)
    Watch batteries. All sizes. Also used in electronic devices such as Calculators, Electronic Callipers etc.
  • Air Compressors 12 volt
    Air Compressors 12v options, from household/General use to Rapid and Heavy Duty inflation. Always a handy device for Camping, a accessory for the family vehicle, or for the enthusiats of activities such as 4WD'ing and racing.
    A huge selection of chargers for all types of batteries. If it is not listed it does not mean we cannot source what you need.
  • Battery Cable + Leads
    Battery Leads of varying types and sizes as well as Battery Cabling or varying sizes and types
  • Battery + Auto Gear by Thunder
    There is a new Automotive product leader on the market. THUNDER -yes, from Down under! Thunder’s reliable and quality range of Battery Management, LED lighting, 4WD recovery equipment, switches, portable power solutions and MORE are designed to let you get away while enjoying modern creature comforts without breaking the bank. Take your iPad and know that you have power available to use it when you please. Enjoy the safety of a well-lit camp site with the confidence you won’t be stranded with a flat battery or with a blown light. Thunder helps you experience the best of your modern lifestyle when you want to get away from the chaos of the city. You never know what your next adventure will bring but you can be confident that Thunder will keep you prepared for anything. Please select a Sub-category to view the range available -Options available to buy online.
  • Battery Accessories/Extras
    Testers, Clamps, Terminals, Dual battery Kits and other battery stuff! Again, if you need something battery related and it's not here, make contact. Battery Boxes, Battery Tools, Battery maintenance products, Leads, Safety equipment, Spill Kits, dual battery kits, jump packs, cables, test equipment and MORE
  • Converters
    Converters. DC to DC conversion.
  • EMERGENCY Back-up Power
    EMERGENCY back-up Power. There are quite a few options for Emergency Power. When that Natural Disaster happens, when a Power-cut happens, when you've turned up to you boat, your bach, holiday home and the power supply is damaged. Think outside the box with the options in this Category...
  • Generators
    Generators. Trident, Hyundai, Wahoo Generators. Generators. Petrol, Inverter Generators, Diesel, Welder Generators, Silent series diesel -Huge Range. Quality options only.
  • Golfing with LITHIUM
    Lithium Golf Batteries. Lithium batteries in Golf carts, buggies, Trundlers, Caddys. THE BATTERY CELL now gives you the option of being able to either CONVERT your existing trundler to a Lithium powered Trundler OR you can buy a Lithium battery powered Trundler from us direct -as well as a few accessories like Golf Bags, Rain Covers, Trundler seats etc. It's all under one brand, so they are all meant for each other. Lithium Golfing at THE BATTERY CELL
  • Inverter Chargers
    Inverter Chargers, Inverter-Chargers. DC-AC + AC-DC. DC power converted to AC (Household rated power) as well as built-in Automatic detection for charging and power supply. On battery power, converted to Mains Power, attach Mains power =Supplies Mains power AND charges your Batteries. This category is for these devices
  • Inverters
    Inverters, Converters, Inverter-Chargers. More options including custom creations.
  • JUMP Starters, Jump Cables
    Jump Starters, Jump Packs, Jump cables, Booster Packs, Booster Cables, 12v Jump Starters, 24v Jump Starters, Lithium Jump packs. General Consumer to workshop + Heavy Industry options.
    LED lights for a multitude of applications, Household Bulb replacements, LED Light Bars, Daytime drive lights, LED Strips, Flashers, 12v, 9-33v, 230vac, RV's, Motorhomes, Accent lighting, Display LED, Trucks, Boats, Automotive, Worklights, Torches and MORE.... As well as Fluorescent options. Make the change now and see the Power savings AND the $$$ savings. CLICK ON ANY OF THE CATEGORYS BELOW TO SEE WHAT IS AVAILABLE
  • Power Supplies / Power Boards / UPS
    A range of Power supplies. Pre-made Power Boards, Generators, inverters, Converters, Lab Power Supply, Transformers.
  • Recovery Gear
    Specialised recovery gear by THUNDER, such as winches, winch accessories, tow gear and recovery safety gear.
  • Refridgeration 12vdc, 24vdc, 240AC
    Refridgeration, if you're taking a Road Trip, Spending the day on the beach, Got a big BBQ organised, Live in a Caravan/RV or off the grid and you need a refrigeration solution -this is the category for you. High-end options for 12/24vdc + 240vac. Click category for available items.
  • SOLAR POWER / Controllers / Kits / Panels
    Panels, solar chargers, controllers, flexi panels, accessories...
  • Step down Transformers
    240 - 115V Isolated Stepdown Transformers Specific to Amercian VAC standards 110-115vac
  • Wind Turbines
    All things Wind Power. Small range displayed, much more otpions to suit all requests.. make contact
  • Products on Special
    Products on Special, discounted, multi-buy specials and just GREAT prices.