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Lithium Batteries

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Lithium Batteries to replace Gel-type, SLA, AGM sealed batteries. Keeping the size the same but the weight is less than half of it's lead-based equivalent. Looking for an alternative to the Old Skool SLA, VRLA, AGM, GEL and Gel-type Batteries? These could be what you are looking for. Safety recommendations for use of these batteries must be adhered to, Lithium Batteries require Lithium Battery chargers -Go to our battery charge section and select "Lithium Capable Battery chargers" to view and or buy

Lithium Batteries, Lithium Based Batteries

An internal battery management system (BMS) ensures all cells are uniformly charged and discharged, as well as providing short circuit, over current, and reverse polarity protection. This provides you with a higher degree of protection than a traditional lead acid battery which is unprotected, and can discharge rapidly under short circuit conditions, causing fire and damage. The internal BMS will also limit discharge and manage cut-off voltage, to further protect the internal cells. BMS systems will vary from brand to brand. Not all of the above BMS functions will apply to an individual brand.


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