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Inverter Chargers

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Inverter Chargers, Inverter-Chargers. DC-AC + AC-DC. DC power converted to AC (Household rated power) as well as built-in Automatic detection for charging and power supply. On battery power, converted to Mains Power, attach Mains power =Supplies Mains power AND charges your Batteries. This category is for these devices

Our full range of Inverter Chargers are not all listed here. If you have a specific requirements CONTACT US

INVERTER CHARGERS (Always use Pure or True sinewave Inverter Chargers) Convert Battery Power to Mains Power., Automatic switch AC switch over when Mains power supplied, whilst also charging your batteries in this mode. A common device for Boaties, RV/Campers and off-grid, Grid-tie applications as well as useful for those with generators for auto cut-in via AC Transfer switches (also recommended for ALL Inverter Charger purchases.

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