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Projecta Battery Chargers

YES, THE BATTERY CELL IS 100% NZ OWNED and LEGITIMATE -the proof is right [HERE]

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High-end Performance Battery Chargers for the Automotive, Motorcycle, Marine, Cycling and Workshop battery Industry.

Projecta Chargers, All designed ONLY for the NZ + AUS market. PREMIUM CHARGERS. Chargers from Projecta made for NZ and AUS conditions. Projecta have a massive range of Chargers. Directly suited to the Transport Industry's Battery Charging Needs. Many Different Charger types Here. Workshop chargers, Intelligent chargers, smart chargers, automatic chargers, manual chargers, 12v chargers, 6v chargers, 24v chargers, calcium chargers, Industrial equipment chargers and many more.

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YES -we are that same awesome Battery Shop that used to be on The Esplanade!