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"Traffic Light System".

We would like to allow YOU our customers to do what you think is right when coming in to our store for any traffic light Colour, LUCKILY we are an Essential Business, so we will be trading at any Level. This update box here will be updated if anything changes or we learn to understand this system a little better as we go. Our staff are fully vaccinated and we carry certification passes (available to view on request). We will wear Masks when we are dealing with our customer in our store at any covid level/colour -the choice of wearing one yourself is as above, your choice.

We will continue to enforce our refusal of service if you show any symptoms of sickness at any covid level/colour.


The Traffic light system will begin 12.01am Friday 3/12/21


THE BATTERY CELL is fully compliant and ready to serve at any Covid Alert Level.

Our business is an approved essential business.

For all Official Covid TRAFFIC LIGHT info, Click HERE (expect changes!!)