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'Probe II' Rechargeable L.E.D Inspection Light (free delivery)

'Probe II' Rechargeable L.E.D Inspection Light (free delivery)
71308, Slim L.E.D Inspection Lamp features an ultra slim housing with a soft rubberised nonslip texture and shatterproof polycarbonate lens. SMD L.E.Ds provide a smooth and even light output whilst the top mounted L.E.Ds provide end tip illumination of objects in otherwise difficult to access areas. An in-built L.E.D indicator flashes red when the battery is low and blue when recharging.

HIGH Quality NARVA -as always.

The benefits of L.E.D. Technology are numerous so it’s no surprise that work lamps too are utilising L.E.Ds to provide lamps with lower current draw and long life. Perhaps more importantly, L.E.Ds are resistant to shock and vibration making L.E.D work lamps tougher than their halogen counterparts and able to deliver a whiter light that appears brighter and therefore more effective.

5 hours of continuous illumination before recharging
Large rubber grip provides non-slip comfort when handling
Docking station can be used to store and charge Probe II with 240V AC adaptor
Micro USB lead allows the lamp to be charged from vehicles and computers
Lithium batteries have no memory effect and a longer shelf life

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