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Power Train 6v and 12v 6A 7-Stage Battery Charger + Maintainer

Power Train  6v and 12v 6A 7-Stage Battery Charger + Maintainer
The PowerTrain PTC12V6A7S-6/12 battery charger is a sophisticated IP65 water-approval 7 stage charger, utilizing switch mode and fully automatic computer system control, designed to charge most 6 volt or 12 volt Gel, Lead Acid or Calcium batteries.
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An excellent, very competitively priced all round every day car battery charger. Ideal for general DIY around the home, maintaining recreational vehicles and much more.
Designed to work with all types of Lead Acid batteries, including; AGM, Wet, GEL and Calcium. Packed full of features.


Heavy duty design
• Fully automatic 7 stage charging system.
• Fully automatic selection of 6V or 12V batteries for charging with LED indicator.
• IP65, CE, EMC, SAA and C-TICK Approved, making it ideal for automotive & marine situations.
• Fully automatic battery chemistry selection function. Compatible with GEL, Calcium, Deep Cycle and
conventional lead-acid batteries.
• Internal charger temperature monitoring and control.
• Partial repair for sulfated batteries.
• Charging state LED indicators.
• Zero volt minimum battery start up - can charging a completely flat battery.
• Over charging, reverse polarity, short circuit and over temperature protection.
• Supplied with alligator clips and ringed terminals for fixed connection.
Battery type charging: Gel, Calcium, Lead Acid, AGM, SLA, VRLA, LEAD CARBON, SEALED, OPEN-TOP


Input Voltage: 175-260VAC/ 50Hz/ 60Hz
Charging type: 7 Stage
Output Voltage: 6V or 12V
Output Current: 6Amp
Battery charging capacity: 600CCA or 80Ah
Approval ratings: IP65, CE, EMC, SAA and C-TICK
Protection systems: Overcharging, reverse polarity, short circuit and over temperature

Input Voltage: 175-260v AC / 50-60Hz
Charge Type: 7 Stage Pulse
Minimum Start Voltage: >= 0v
Operating Temperature: 15 to 40 degrees Celsius
Maximum Charge Current: 6a

12v Charging Voltage:

GEL Charging: 14.3v
GEL Boost: 14.8v
GEL Float: 13.3v

Lead Acid / AGM Charging: 14.8v
Lead Acid / AGM Boost: 15.2v
Lead Acid / AGM Float: 13.7v

Calcium Charging: 15.6v
Calcium Boost: 16.2v
Calcium Float: 13.7v

6v Charging Voltage:

GEL Charging: 7.3v
GEL Boost: 7.8v
GEL Float: 7.1v

Lead Acid / AGM Charging: 7.4v
Lead Acid / AGM Boost: 7.6v
Lead Acid / AGM Float: 7.5v

Calcium Charging: 7.8v
Calcium Boost: 8.1v
Calcium Float: 7.5v

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