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How to buy Online On this Website

The following information will guide you through the process of purchasing a product from this website.

We will take an OzCharge 6/12v 1amp Charger as the example we will use

(want to purchase more than 1 item? -simply follow the step 4 insructions for continued shopping)

Step 1

go to CHARGERS option on left hand menu

hover your cursor over the option to produce a sub menu

Move your cursor across to OZCHARGE CHARGERS + left click

This will bring up another screen which is Step 2

Home page Step 1

(click on image to see larger view)


Step 2

The screen on the right will be displayed

Scroll down or up until you find the OzCharge 6v/12v 1amp Charger

You may see a small amount of imformation on the product, some products just have the title and no additional information. The Price is on the far right of the product**.

To get more information and to move to the buy screen option click on the products image or the underlined title of the product

**some products have a discounted price for multiple purchase but this is never shown on the category -it is displayed when you click on the product as mentioned above (not all products have discounted multi-buy options)

Step 2 OzCharge Chargers page

(click on image to see larger view)


Step 3

When you have found the product and clicked on it the following page on the right will come up.

Read the detail provided on the product and chose any links if you require more information.

when you are satisfied that the product is what you want select how many you require and press the BUY button then go to step 4

Please note if there is no BUY button shown the product is out of stock, please contact us for availability from this point.

Step 3  purchase screen

(click on image to see larger view)


Step 4

This is an important Stage

You will see your cart and the Charger in the cart with the cost listed, this will give you the option to update quantities or to remove the product.

You can also chose the "Continue shopping" option at the bottom of the screen if you'd like to get more products or to browse more before you take your cart to the checkout.

To return to the cart or view what is in the cart select from the options near the top of the page (any page) that you are looking through. Chose "view shopping cart" and a pop up will show your cart and contents, and/or chose "Checkout" when you are happy with your purchases to go to the next screen, the next screen is where you will see your FREIGHT costs.

Step 4 Your Shopping Cart

(click on image to see larger view)


Step 5

You will see your order total here and the FREIGHT cost, you can still "make changes" to the order if you are not happy at this stage including cancelling the order.

If you are happy with totals, complete the rest of the form and click "submit order at the bottom of the page, this take you to the payment screen, the screen will be dependant on what option of payment you have chosen, please follow prompts

Once payment is complete you will receive e-mail confirmation and you are bound by our Terms & Conditions at this stage. A Company representative will be in contact with delivery details. If you have any difficulty at any of the stages please contact us, we can do a manual transaction if necessary

Step 5 The Checkout + Order completion

(click on image to see larger view)