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CTEK Comfort Indicator Eyelet M6

CTEK Comfort Indicator Eyelet M6
Comfort Indicator – Eyelet M6 (M8 size sold separately) use a simple ‘traffic light’ system to show the state of charge of your battery. With Comfort Indicator – Eyelet you have a permanent installation. Should charging be required plug in the CTEK charger and charge the battery. Cable length 500 mm.
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CTEK Comfort Indicator is the easiest way to monitor the charge in your battery. An accurate reading is displayed 2 hours after you have used your vehicle.

    RED means the battery is below 12.4V. It is definitely time to charge.

    YELLOW means the battery charge is between 12.4V and 12.65V. It is time to start thinking about charging the battery.

    GREEN means the battery charge is more than 12.65V. OK! No need to charge.

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