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Battery Isolator switch 2 way 1250A

Battery Isolator switch 2 way 1250A
2-Position Battery Switch with Enclosure.
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Simple 2 and 4 position battery switches for controlling battery power on your boat, caravan, or other high current battery system. The 2-position version is a simple on/off turn switch. The 4-position model allows you to switch power on for 2 batteries at a time, or for each individually. Ideal if you have one battery for starting the engine and another for auxiliary electrical equipment. Durable design, with large indented grips that won't slip under wet hands.

very durable and rated for massive output. They feature removable windows on all four sides to cater for whatever cabling arrangement you have. Alternator Field Disconnect (AFD) protects your alternator when switching batteries in and out of the circuit. By disconnecting the alternator moments before the battery (moments after when re-engaging), there’s always a load on the alternator to protect the regulation circuitry.

• High rated current
• Protects your alternator
• Versatile cable entry
• Continuous Current: 275A
• Surge Current (5min): 455A
• Cranking Current (10sec): 1250A
AC Voltage rating : 48.0V

  • Battery Isolator switch 4 way 300A SURGE
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