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CTEK CT5 Start/Stop 12V/3.8A Battery Charger

CTEK CT5 Start/Stop 12V/3.8A Battery Charger
The Start/Stop battery charger is specially designed to provide safe and easy charging and maintenance for vehicles equipped with new generation Start/Stop technology. There are no buttons that need pressing or settings to choose. This easy to use smart charger is the perfect solution for keeping your AGM or EFB battery in peak health to maximize vehicle performance, extend battery life and help reduce your CO2 emissions.
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Fully optimised for start/stop battery types i.e. AGM and EFB-batteries.

Simple to use with an easy to understand display.

Fully automatic charging.

Non-sparking, reverse-polarity protected.

        Voltage                                     14.55 V

        Charging current                      3.8 A

        Charger type                            Multi Step fully automatic charging cycle

        Battery type                             12V AGM and EFB lead-acid batteries

        Battery capacity                      14–110 Ah, maintenance charging up to 130 Ah

        Insulation                                  IP65 (splash and dust proof)

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CT5 3.8
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