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Wire Glue

Wire Glue
Electrically Conductive Glue!! Great for those that find soldering a bit difficult -you are not alone!
Let this product open the world of electronics again for you.
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A soldering iron in a jar. Wire Glue is a electrically conductive adhesive that enables you to make solder-free connections when you don't have a soldering iron handy, or aren't able to apply heat  for some reason. Hundreds of hobby, trade and electronics uses. Lead-free, cures overnight.


NOW it's okay if you cannot Solder and you want to save money by making up your own battery packs. Most battery packs are visually notable for a battery you are familar with, but when you are quote hundreds of dollars for a replacement when you know you can get them at the store (THE BATTERY CELL) and connect them together yourself. THIS ITEM IS JUST FOR THATV PURPOSE

As well as joining Wires, circuitry etc. The power is now back in your hands!

3 fluid ounces (US) or 9 millilitres

Not suitable for large applications -general household battery and smaller pack applications.

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  • 411 15v battery Alkaline
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Wire Glue
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