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CP1232 12volt 3.2amp Battery

CP1232 12volt 3.2amp Battery
12v, 3.2ah
Length(mm) 134, Width(mm) 67, Height(mm) 61, Total Height(mm) 67
Weight(Kg) 1.3

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Vision Batteries, one of the largest battery manufacturers in the world.  Vision Batteries, one of most extensive product ranges in battery industry. With one of the largest and most qualified Research and Development teams among VRLA manufacturers and many years of experience in the development of new products to meet customer needs, Vision has created the largest variety of models and chemistries.

Dimensions and Weight
Length(mm / inch) 134 / 5.28
Width(mm / inch) 67 / 2.64
Height(mm / inch) 61 / 2.40
Total Height(mm / inch) 67 / 2.64
Approx. Weight(Kg / lbs) 1.3 / 2.87

12v, 3.2ah

PLEASE NOTE IMAGE OF TERMINALS IS GENERIC TO SHOW YOU THE "TYPE" OF TERMINALS ON THE BATTERY. The terminals Positive and negative may differ in position (please contact us to ask if you need to know which way around and the Spade terminal Polarity and/or Terminal width F1=4.1mm, F2=6.3mm)

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