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10W Personal Folding Solar Panel with Solar Charger (FREE DELIVERY)

10W Personal Folding Solar Panel with Solar Charger (FREE DELIVERY)
The COMPAC Series Solar Panels are portable, monocrystalline folding solar panels armed with a versatile 3-in-1 charging cable to provide constant, on-the-go power solutions for phones, action cameras, drones and tablets. The COMPAC Folding Solar Power Banks are ideal for the outdoor adventurer, with carabiners offering secure mounting that will allow the user to charge their panel throughout the day whilst still hiking, fishing, riding and off roading.
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The COMPAC Solar Power Banks take between 6-8 hours to charge fully allowing you to store your power during the day whilst off the grid.
This is ideal for charging your phones, smart watches and action cameras on-the-go boasting Lightning™, micro USB and USB-C connectivity in the 3-in-1 charging cable.

Brochure in PDF -HERE

Compact solar charging
Durable and resistant to damage from heat
Secure mounting
Short circuit & surge protection
Versatile power supply (3.0A USB, Lightning & USB-C ports)
Folding Design

ACCESSORIES: 3 in 1 Charge cable included
OUTPUT: 1.6A (5V)
INPUT: 10W Monocrystalline Solar Cells
SIZE: Folded: 270x170x10mm, Open: 465x265x3mm
WEIGHT: 300grams total weight

NZ$ 136.00 including GST
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