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Power Train 12v 6A 7-Stage Battery Charger + Maintainer

Power Train 12v 6A 7-Stage Battery Charger + Maintainer
Power Trains new 12v 6a charger is an excellent, very competitively priced all round every day car battery charger. Ideal for general DIY around the home, maintaining recreational vehicles and much more.
Designed to work with all types of Lead Acid batteries, including; AGM, Wet, GEL and Calcium. Packed full of features.
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7 Stage Charger Designed to effectively charge all Lead Acid SLA Gel AGM & Calcium Batteries. Specifically designed for Marine applications it meets IP65 rating due to its weatherproof design. It is ideal for charging and indefinitely maintaining batteries in infrequently used applications such as Boats Jetskis RV Tractors Ride on Mowers Motorcycles and Automotive Applications. Features include: * Charging state indicatiors * Reverse polarity protection with warning lights and audible buzzer * Over charge over temperature and short circuit protection * IP65 weatherproof rating * Suites Starting batteries up to 750CCA & Deep Cycle Batteries up to 125A/Hr * Minimum start voltage: 0 volts * 6Amp Maximum output * Meets EMC & CE standards C-tick approved.


- Heavy duty - multi purpose charger 
- Charge Stages: 7 Stages
- Pulse mode that reduces oxidization 
- Current Output: 6 Amp
- Output Voltage (Nom): 12 Volt
- Battery Type Supported: Gel / Calcium / Lead Acid

- Zero voltage minimum start – Can charge a completely flat battery.
- LED display shows percentage of battery charge
- Built-in microchip charging control and monitoring system.
- Automatic adjustment of charging voltages according to environmental temperature.
- Overcharge protection, protecting the battery from damage due to overcharging.
- Reverse polarity, short circuit, overload and high temperature protection.
- Optimally designed charging cycle designed for Lead Acid / Gel, & Calcium, starting and deep cycle batteries.

Charging Voltage:

GEL Charging: 14.3v
GEL Boost: 14.8v
GEL Float: 13.3v

Lead Acid / AGM Charging: 14.8v
Lead Acid / AGM Boost: 15.2v
Lead Acid / AGM Float: 13.7v

Calcium Charging: 15.6v
Calcium Boost: 16.2v
Calcium Float: 13.7v

Input Voltage: 230v AC / 50Hz
Charge Type: 7 Stage Pulse
Minimum Start Voltage: >= 0v
Operating Temperature: 15 to 40 degrees Celsius
Maximum Charge Current: 6a

Charges from zero volts
IP65 water resistance rated
Fully automatic 7 stage pulse charge system
Battery selector function
Faulty battery alert
Short circuit, reverse polarity, over-temperature and over-charge protection.

NZ$ 135.00 including GST
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