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12V 400A Jump Starter and Powerbank (7.5Ah) Compact/Powerful

12V 400A Jump Starter and Powerbank (7.5Ah) Compact/Powerful
A popular, affordable lithium Jump starter, Jump-starting, Back up battery power -Barely larger than a smartphone, and probably even lighter, but packs a huge power punch to get your car started. With a peak current available of 400 amps, it’s powerful enough to get just about cars and light commercial running.

Sometimes emergency phone power is just as important as starting a car, so a 5V 2A USB port is provided to get you powered back up. It includes a cigarette lighter socket charging adaptor, so it never has to leave your car (we recommend to keep this on charge in the vehicle so it's at its peak when required). It also incorporates a clever high-power LED torch or use the flashing option as a warning light. These devices are now so reliable that similar ones are used by roadside service operations instead of jumping from their own vehicle! A great use of the high out-put Lithium power.

• Up to 8 Jump Starts with a Single Charge (this will depend on flatness of battery being jumped as well as vehicle engine size -we recommend placing and "keeping' the unit on charge via your vehicle's USB charge port between jumps)
• internal Lithium Polymer Battery, great for fast charging and quick transfer when battery bank usage required.

Safety Features:

• Low Voltage Protection
• Over Current Protection
• Over Temperature Protection

• Charging Voltage Protection
• USB Discharge Voltage Protection
• Reverse Charge Protection

- High Capacity Lithium Battery

- Emergency USB Power Source

- High Power LED Light

DC current rating : 200A
DC Current Surge Rating : 400A
DC Voltage : 12V
LED Light : solid and flash settings
Battery status indicator : press indicator to show up to x4 lights (x4 = full, x2 = half full etc)
Length : 133mm
Width : 72mm
Height : 24mm
Weight : 278g
Battery Type : Lithium Polymer
Voltage : 3.7V
Capacity : 7500mAh (7.5Ah)
Battery quantity : 1.0pc
Mains rechargeable, USB rechargeable
USB Voltage Output Range : 5V
USB Current Output : 2A
DG UN Number: 3481
DG Class : 9
DG Pack Group : II - Medium Danger
DG Hazardous Chemical Code : 4W
Battery Watt Hour Rating: 27.75Wh
Dangerous Air Freight

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