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Lithium Jump Starter + 7.5a/h Power Bank

Lithium Jump Starter + 7.5a/h Power Bank
A popular, affordable lithium Jump starter, capable of jumping batteries less than 600cca rated, petrol engines, hybrids. 12v.
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Have you seen someone use one of these? Had the pleasure of surprising someone with one of these?

Small enough to fit in your glove box (and a great place to keep it), roughly the size of a large cellphone. Need a jumpstart? Seen someone that needs a Jumpstart? Surprise them all with this small device with BIG power.

You can also transfer the internal battery storage to your cellphone or tablet via the USB port -just like a battery bank.

You'll also enjoy the additional feature of a bright LED flashlight which also has a SOS flashing function.

GENERALLY a GREAT emergency device!

The battery level LED display lets you know when you need to recharge the built-in Li-Po battery.

The smart battery clamps help avoid short-circuit, over temperature, low voltage and reverse polarity protection.

A USB cable and 12V cigarette lighter adaptor is included, along with a cloth carry pouch.

• Up to 8 Jump Starts with a Single Charge (this will depend on flatness of battery being jumped as well as vehicle engine size -we recommend placing and "keeping' the unit on charge via your vehicle's USB charge port between jumps)
• internal Lithium Polymer Battery, great for fast charging and quick transfer when battery bank usage required.

Safety Features:

• Low Voltage Protection
• Over Current Protection
• Over Temperature Protection

• Charging Voltage Protection
• USB Discharge Voltage Protection
• Reverse Charge Protection

DC Charge Input: 12-15V at 1A
DC current rating : 500A
Length : 141mm
Width : 84mm
Depth : 21mm
Weight : 290 grams
Shape : Lithium Rechargeable Battery Cell/Pack
Type : Lithium Polymer
Voltage : 12.0V
Capacity : 7500.0mAh
Battery Watt Hour Rating (Required for Lithium Batteries) : 30.0Wh
To view manual in PDF form, download HERE
NZ$ 159.00 including GST
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