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Camcorder & Video Battery 12V SLA

Camcorder & Video Battery 12V SLA
Specialised 12v SLA battery, used in many brands of older style cameras and camcorders. Other electronic devices also have this battery.

Technology: Sealed Lead Acid (SLA)
Weight: 800g
Length: 18.2 cm
Width/Diameter: 2.4 cm
Height: 6.1 cm
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Compatible Models:

NEC 55U, NEC CV-10U, NEC V-200, NEC V-300, NEC V-320, NEC V-400, NEC V-404U, NEC V-50U, NEC V-60U, NEC VS-60U,

Varta V12,

Sharp BT76,

Sears 5367, Sears 5368, Sears 53683, Sears 5369, Sears 53691, Sears 5370, Sears 53703,

Toshiba 151,

RCA 1CVA115, RCA 1CVA155,

Canon BP-10, Canon BP-100, Canon BP-10A, Canon BP-30, Canon BP-30A, Canon BP-31, Canon BP-32, Canon BT-30A, Canon CR-30A, Canon F1000S, Canon VC10, Canon VC10A, Canon VC20, Canon VC30, Canon VR10, Canon VR20A, Canon VR30, Canon VR40, Canon VR50, Canon SLA, Canon 2300mAh, Canon 12V, Canon LB-VWVBM10,

Saft RC-1220, Saft RC-1221,

Maxell M1220, JVC BN-B90GU, JVC BN-V90, JVC GS-1000,     

Chinon BP-80, Chinon CV-BP80, Chinon CV-BP82, Chinon CV-BP88, Chinon CV-765, Chinon CV-770, Chinon CV-C70, Chinon CV-T124, Chinon CV-T60, Chinon CV-T608, Chinon CV-T60G, Chinon CV-T65, Chinon CV-T7, Chinon CV-T70, Chinon CV-T72, Chinon CV-T73, Chinon CV-T74, Chinon CV-T80, Chinon CVC-800,

Satter 06PN20,

Zenith VAC-905,

Samsung SVE-27,

Minolta C-3300,

Rosslare RS6500,

Empire EPP-100C,

Quasar VE series, Quasar VM series, Quasar VP-2100, Quasar VP-5400, Quasar VP-5430, Quasar VP-5440, Quasar VP-5441, Quasar VP-5442, Quasar VP-5450, Quasar VP-5451, Quasar VP-5452, Quasar VP-5740, Quasar VP-5741, Quasar VP-5742, Quasar VP-5744, Quasar VP-5747, Quasar VP-5750, Quasar VP-5751, Quasar VP-5756, Quasar VP-5757, Quasar VV-9404,

Philips 22AV5591, Philips AR8378BK01, Philips AR8395BK01, Philips SBC5215, Philips V80039BK01, Philips V80086BK01, Philips CPJ-810, Philips CPJ-815, Philips CPK-834, Philips CVJ-360, Philips PRO.1, Philips VKR-2000, Philips VKR-6830, Philips VKR-6835, Philips VKR-6850, Philips VKR-6851, Philips VKR-6855,

Pentax PVR-1100A,

Telepower TP-2312,

Curtis Mathes 768, Curtis Mathes 770, Curtis Mathes 772, Curtis Mathes 773, Curtis Mathes AV-800, Curtis Mathes BV-800, Curtis Mathes BV-880, Curtis Mathes CV-800, Curtis Mathes CV-820, Curtis Mathes HV-768, Curtis Mathes HV-770, Curtis Mathes HV-773, Curtis Mathes PV-800, Curtis Mathes QD00004,

Polaroid PR-1220LA,

Panasonic AG-BP212, Panasonic AGBP212, Panasonic EPK1185, Panasonic LC-S2012, Panasonic LC-S2312, Panasonic LC-SA122R3BU, Panasonic LC-SA122R3CU, Panasonic LCS2312A, Panasonic LCTP1912AP, Panasonic PV-BP series, Panasonic VBVB series, Panasonic AFX12, Panasonic AG Series, Panasonic EB362, Panasonic NC-MS2, Panasonic NV-Series, Panasonic PK-Series, Panasonic PV Series, Panasonic VN-5850, Panasonic VW-VBM10,

Sylvania AR8378BK01, Sylvania AR8395BK01, Sylvania V80039BK01, Sylvania V80086BK01, Sylvania VC series, Sylvania VCC-151, Sylvania VCC-152, Sylvania VCC-157, Sylvania VCC-159, Sylvania VCC-161, Sylvania VKC-242/AV,

Magnavox AR8378BK01, Magnavox AR8390BK01, Magnavox V80039BK01, Magnavox V80086BK01, Magnavox 8292, Magnavox 8293, Magnavox 8380, Magnavox 8450, Magnavox 8474, Magnavox CV series, Magnavox VR series,

Dual Voltage DV1919-P, G.E.

Series: 1CV series & CG series, G.E. 5036, G.E. 5200, G.E. 5424, G.E. 5426, G.E. 5428, G.E. 5430, G.E. 5440, G.E. 5442, G.E. 5740, G.E. 5747, G.E. 2814439, G.E. 2814804, G.E. 2815169, G.E. 2815535, G.E. 2816265, G.E. 2887487, G.E. 2887852, G.E. 2888217, G.E. 2888583, G.E. 2888948, G.E. 2889313, G.E. 2891139, G.E. V-9607.

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NZ$ 165.00 including GST

or four interest-free payments of $41.25 with
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2-14 business days from date of order placed.
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