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Tadiran 1/2 AA size Lithium 3.6v Battery

Tadiran 1/2 AA size Lithium 3.6v Battery
Tadiran Lithium Thionyl Chloride cell technology.
Product brand sent is Tadiran (pictured) or Lisun depending on stock held at the time of your order.
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Tadiran Lithium Thionyl Chloride cell technolgy offers an unusual combination of benefits:
- High energy density & operating voltage
- Wide operating temperature (-55C to +55C)
- Hermetically sealed
- Outstanding service life (up to 15-20 year)
- Ultimate Safety

PLEASE NOTE as per our terms and conditions, if stocks of goods are not present at time of order replacements will be sent or equal or greater quality. In this case SAFT or LISUN.

Tadiran 3.6v 1200mah Lithium 1/2AA (ER14252) High Performance Battery - non-rechargeable

Replaces: 12AA LITHIUM, COMP-4X, COMP-4-MAX, CR3, CR14250SE, ER14250, ER3, ER3V, ER4V, LIT2150, LS14250, LS14250C, LS14250, LTC-9C, SB-AA02, SB-AA02P, SL-350, SL-750 , TL2150, TL4902, TL5101, TL5151, TL5902, TLL5905, XL-050F, XLP-050F

Voltage: 3.6V
Dimensions: 23.4188mm Long x 14.5034mm Diameter
Connector Type: As per image
Weight: 0.014197(kg) (14grams)

NZ$ 26.90 including GST
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