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YT4L-4 VARTA Powersports AGM Dry-cell Motorcycle battery 12v

YT4L-4 VARTA Powersports AGM Dry-cell Motorcycle battery 12v
Fill & Charge (acid pack included).
3.0a (40cca)
115mm long , 70mm wide , 88mm high , 1.08kg

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Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) Technology

The VARTA Powersports AGM battery is designed with extreme conditions in mind, so you always have maximum power with no loss in performance. The battery resists vibration, is certified NONSPILLABLE, so it mounts at any angle, and is permanently sealed and maintenance-free.

VARTA® AGM technology enables the battery to be repeatedly charged and discharged without any loss of performance.
  1. Quality built battery terminals reduce corrosion and prevent acid leakage, ensuring the battery lasts longer.
  2. Valve regulated venting system releases gas in case of a pressure build-up, in a safe and controlled manner.
  3. Cell connectors join the individual battery cells together, via the plate block, creating a shorter energy path and increasing starting power.
  4. The extra-strong case has special oil-resistant plastic that is molded to remain stable in extreme temperaturas and rugged terrain.
  5. Specialized grid design creates optimum conductivity and high-resistance to vibration – essential when you're riding off-road.
  6. Advanced Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) separators absorbs the acid evenly in the battery, providing high cycle stability.

What does the Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) do in VARTA Batteries?

The special absorbent glass mat soaks up all the acid in the battery, providing high cyclic stability. This enables the battery to be repeatedly charged and discharged without any loss of performance. This is why our battery functions so well as an AGM motorcycle battery, or in other powersports applications.

VARTA Battery Key Benefits

  • Factory Activated AGM motorcycle battery offers strong, reliable power for high-performance engines
  • Engineered to meet the added power needs of accessories like lighting, heated grips and security systems
  • Precision charged and performance ready
  • Maintenance-free
  • Precision filled and permanently sealed at the factory
  • Certified NONSPILLABLE, can be mounted in any direction
  • Features Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology, enabling the battery to be repeatedly charged and discharged without affecting performance

Confidence with every twist of your wrist.

Motorcycle types are as different as the bikers who ride them, from cruising and touring to sport riding, racing and off-road. Yet all motorcycle models have something in common – riders who demand dependable performance from a motorcycle battery in a variety of conditions. And, of course, most riders would rather be out on the road than home waiting for a battery to charge.

VARTA AGM batteries come fully charged, direct from the factory, so you can get right to riding. Hard revving, long-running Factory Activated AGM motorcycle batteries by VARTA are the smart choice for today’s riders.

Maintenance-Free Motorcycle Batteries

No measuring, pouring or initial charge required. VARTA  AGM batteries come precision charged and permanently sealed from the factory. They are ready to be installed and ready to power your engine immediately out of the box. This is a huge advantage over traditional “dry-charge” batteries.

Dry-charge batteries are not "ready to ride" off the shelf. They come with a kit, which requires you to perform several steps before your battery is ready to work. First, you carefully measure the battery acid (some kits come premeasured). Next, you pour the acid into the proper battery vials. Then you seal the battery. And finally, you charge the battery. Depending on the model, charging time can take eight hours. That’s many hours spent not riding.

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