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YB12AL-A Poweroad YG12ALA 12v Motorcycle Battery

YB12AL-A Poweroad YG12ALA 12v Motorcycle Battery
High capacity Nano GEL motorcycle battery. A quality GEL battery at an affordable price.
Replaces: YB12AL-A, YB12ALA, YG12ALA, YG12AL-A, MB12U, SB12AL-A, CB12AL-A + OTHERS
NZ$ 171.00 including GST
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Weight 4.39 kg
Length: 134 mm
Width: 80 mm
Height: 161mm
Ah: 12
CCA: 145
Voltage: 12v

The Poweroad Nano Gel power sports battery range is rapidly gaining a reputation for ease of use, long shelf life and great performance. The Gel range are vibration proof, maintenance free and can be mounted in any position.

Poweroad Nano-gel batteries are the only power sports battery that can be truly called Nano-Gel. Featuring a special blend of silica dioxide sourced from Germany and mixed, cut and filled by exacting processes at the factory. By controlling production in this way, Poweroad Nano-gel batteries can provide the most reliable and best performing replacement batteries.

Fits (according to original battery from manufacture)
Leonardo 150 1999 -2004
Pegaso 650 1997 -2004
Scarabeo 150 2000 -2003
F650 CS 2002 -2008
F650 Funduro 169 1997 -1999
F650 GS 2000 -2006
F650 ST Strada 1995 -2000
F650GS Dakar 2000 -2011
G650 GS Sertao 2012 -2015

F650 1993 -1996
G650 GS 2010 -2015

EN500A7 Vulcan 1996
EN500C10 Vulcan LTD 2005
EN500C2 Vulcan LTD 1997
EN500C3 Vulcan LTD 1998
EN500C4 Vulcan LTD 1999
EN500C5 Vulcan LTD 2000
EN500C6 Vulcan LTD 2001
EN500C6F Vulcan LTD 2006
EN500C7 Vulcan LTD 2002
EN500C7F Vulcan LTD 2007
EN500C8 Vulcan LTD 2003
EN500C8F Vulcan LTD 2008
EN500C9 Vulcan LTD 2004
EN500C9F Vulcan LTD 2009
GT125 Satelis Sport 2011 -2014
+ many others

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NZ$ 171.00 including GST
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