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Solar Controller OzCharge 12v 30amp

Solar Controller OzCharge 12v 30amp
Full LCD Display including Load and Charge Amps.
Suitable for Gel, AGM, Conventional Lead Acid and Calcium batteries.

This solar charge controller is designed to regulate the voltage into a battery to minimise recharge time, prevent overcharge, and maximise the service life.

It is pre-programmed for all lead-acid type batteries (Conventional flooded wet cell, Calcium, AGM and Gel) however for best results we recommend the use with AGM types.

The LOAD terminals allow monitoring and control of up to 30Amps.

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Intelligent microprocessor control.

Natural cooling (no fan)

Over-charge protection.

Over-discharge protection Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD).

High efficiency Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) charging circuit

Large LCD for easy reading


Technical data

Maximum solar input: 500Watts

Maximum solar voltage: 28Voc

Maximum output: 30Amps

Maximum load: 30Amps

Charge voltage: 14.5V

Float/Trickle voltage: 13.7V

Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD): 10.2V trip. 12.0V reconnect.

No load power consumption: <25mA

Operating temperature: -25 to +40 degC

Dimensions: 164mm(W) x 92mm(H) x 43mm(D)

Weight: 0.35kg





Cooling Method:

    Passive / Natural

Mounting Option:

    Panel Mount

Recommended Use:

    Motor Home / Caravan / RV

Suit Battery Type:

    Lead-Acid (Sealed/Wet/AGM)

NZ$ 240.90 including GST
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