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AC/DC Power system 12vdc/230vac all-in-one Battery Box

AC/DC Power system 12vdc/230vac all-in-one Battery Box
12vdc/230vac all-in-one Battery Box
Some fantastic new additions! A great product.

Take the time to click on the image so you can view ALL the features of this unit. Good for so many applications where portable power is required.
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Whether you need portable power on the work site or a second battery to run the fridge, an auxiliary battery box is the good solution. The Thunder Weekender Battery Box when fitted with a battery ( not included ) becomes a Power Pack with Inverter providing 12V and 240V power and an alternative to a dual-battery system. The Thunder Weekender has a built in battery management system and when connected into your vehicle becomes a dual-battery system all rolled into one .The battery ( not included in this listing )can be re-charged in 4 ways, including DC-DC from your vehicle whilst you are on the move.

A great feature for those struggling to find room for a second battery under your bonnet is the DC-DC 12V Car Charger that lets you charge up and run your thunder Weekender via your vehicle’s 12V socket. What this means is you can charge your Thunder weekender using the vehicles alternator just like a conventional dual-battery system.If you’re staying in the one place for a while and don’t want to flatten your starting battery, you can also recharge your Thunder Weekender using the 240V charging adaptor, the Anderson plug, or even via solar panels.The Thunder Weekender Portable Power Station, Battery Box, Power Pack, Inverter, Charger is compatible with most 4WD batteries, including lead acid, calcium, gel and AGM of up to 155Ah in size.

A built-in 300W sine wave inverter provides 240V power without the need to run an external inverter or additional cabling. Power is delivered through the 240V mains socket, 2x 12V 10A cigarette lighter sockets , 2x 12v external terminals 100A Rated , 1x 5V 2.1A USB connection or via the 50A Anderson plug, all of which can be used simultaneously.

As well as being a portable power station, the Thunder Weekender is supplied with a 240 volt mains powered , 6 Amp seven-stage Smart Charger. It’s designed to regulate the charge to the internal 12V battery ( not included ) throughout its life just by leaving it plugged in at home.

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6 amp, 7 stage AC smart charger
300 Watt 240 Volt modified sine wave Inverter
2 x 10 amp 12V accessory Cigarette ports
1 x 50 amp Anderson Plug
1 x 5V USB Port
Isolator Switch
2 x Protected external high current terminals
Strong easy built in carry handle grips
Suits all gel, AGM and lead acid battery types
Suits batteries up to 155ah in size ( see internal dimensions )


Weight: 4.62kg
External dimensions: 240mm wide x 440mm long x 327mm high
Internal dimensons: 180mm wide x 330mm long x 238mm high
Accepts all main battery types: Gel, Calcium, AGM and Lead Acid
Accepts all battery sizes up to 155 amp hour

Full Manual in PDF form here TDR02007_MANUAL.pdf

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