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Portable Power Hub, Lithium Storage with Solar (FREE DELIVERY)

Portable Power Hub, Lithium Storage with Solar (FREE DELIVERY)
Portable Power Hub, Lithium Storage with 40w Solar. Combination power hub and solar panel package creates a standalone power system for recreation, camping, caravan, 4WD, boating or wherever portable power is required.

A 155Wh multi-function power centre and a 40W monocrystaline solar panel combo kit. The Portable Power Centre provides a combination of 12VDC, 240VAC, and 5VDC USB power from the internal battery, ideal for powering a variety of equipment. Coupled with the 12V 40W Solar Panel for daytime recharge, the power centre can potentially be recharged in full on a daily basis should the weather permit, or simply use the wall charger to top up the unit and keep it maintained when not in use.

The Portable Power Hub's features are:
• It is a 100W 240V Inverter (modified sine wave)
• It provides 12VDC to 3 separate points. 9-12V at up to 15A. Ideal for a low voltage lighting system.
• It has 3 x USB charging ports (Up to 6A shared)
• It has a bright LED camping light built-in
• It has a high quality lithium Ion battery bank inside (155Wh)
• It has a 240V AC adaptor/charger, 15V, 2A
• It comes with a solar panel charging lead (MC4 connectors) and a 40watt Solar Panel
• It has an in-car charger adaptor

Supplied with mains charger, in-car charger, solar charge lead, DC to Cigarette lighter socket lead and user manual.

Solar Panel Information:
DC Voltage: 12V
Continuous Power : 40W
Solar panel type: Monocrystalline
Mounting Material: aluminium
Cover Material: tempered glass
Open Circuit Voltage: 21.5V
Short Circuit Current: 2.5A
Voltage at Power Max: 17.2V
Current at Power Max: 2.33A
Length: 665mm
Width: 410mm
Height: 25mm
Cable length: 900mm

Portable Power Pack Information:
DG UN Number: 3481
DG Ship Name: 3481 - Lithium Ion Batteries Packed In Equipment
DG Class: 9
DG Hazardous Chemical Code: 4W
Battery Watt Hour Rating: 155Wh
Width: 196mm
Height: 170mm
Depth: 90mm
Weight: 1.58kg


  • AC/DC POWER HUB, battery/Mains/solar Portable Power system (FREE DELIVERY)
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