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MFM70 Marine Battery 900mca (FREE DELIVERY, no Rural tickets)

MFM70 Marine Battery 900mca (FREE DELIVERY, no Rural tickets)
Replacement for: N70, M27, M27/660, M27/730, M27/780, MS700, CV27, MMF27/780, CM27/850, N70MF, N70RMF, N70Z, N70ZMF, N70ZZ, N70ZZMF, N70EX, N70ZZU, N70Z/17U, MF65D31R, MF75D31R, MF85D31R, MF95D31R, MF105D31R, MF115D31R, SMFN70ZZX, 4703, D31X, MF57513, MF58514, MF59519, MF60046, 600048076, 595019072, 585014068, 57501306, 575013054, 585014060, 595019064, M27MF, MFM70, MMF27/780, MMF27/660, MMF27/660U, MMF27/780U, 27, 27M.

Volts: 12
CCA (-18 Deg) 720, MCA 900, RC at 25C 160.
Length: 305mm, Width: 173mm, Height: 201mm, Total Height: 227mm
Wet Weight: 24.7kg

NO RURAL DELIVERIES FOR THIS ITEM. (based on locations deemed to require rural ticketing by any carrier/courier).
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Product:     SeaMaster GOLD
Description:     Maintenance-Free marine battery with superior starting power and reserve capacity.
Application:     For heavy duty marine use.
Premium, extra heavy duty
Fully sealed cover design that minimizes water/electrolyte evaporation or leakage
Calcium expanded plates for superior grid strength against corrosion and overcharging
EXG Technology
Maintenance-Free, “No need to add water”

Volts:     12
CCA @ -18 Deg:     720
RC at 25 Deg:     160
Length:     305
Width:     174
Height:     201
Total Height:     227
Wet Weight:     24.7kg

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