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MFM48 Marine Battery 720mca (FREE DELIVERY, no Rural tickets)

MFM48 Marine Battery 720mca (FREE DELIVERY, no Rural tickets)
Replacement for: M57, M57MF, 57MF, M500, ST460, 7401, M4, MS450.
Inboard, outboard petrol up to 120HP
NB unique Terminals, 3/4 SAE with Stainless steel Screw options on top, photo is best description.
Volts: 12, CCA @ -18 Deg: 575, RC at 25 Deg: 105
Length: 235mm, Width: 172mm, Height: 184mm, Total Height: 220mm
Weight: 15.66KG

NO RURAL DELIVERIES FOR THIS ITEM. (based on locations deemed to require rural ticketing by any carrier/courier).
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Please note: Supercharge's MFM48 is now produced in x2 world factories. Normally this wouldn't be of importance to you. HOWEVER, x1 factory produces the casing and terminal configuration as shown in the product's main images. BUT the other factory produces the product in a BLACK-cased battery with a universal lug option -as shown in the images below.


IF you have as preferance please indicate this in the notes to us when completing your purchase BUT we may not have both options available at the same time, we will let you know that when we reply to your purchase. Rest assured, BOTH products are genuine SUPERCHARGE MARINE batteries.

Product:     SeaMaster GOLD
Description:     Maintenance-Free marine battery with superior starting power and reserve capacity.
Application:     For heavy duty marine use.
Features:     Full 24 Months* Warranty
Premium, extra heavy duty
Fully sealed cover design that minimizes water/electrolyte evaporation or leakage
Calcium expanded plates for superior grid strength against corrosion and overcharging
EXG Technology
Maintenance-Free, “No need to add water”

Volts:         12
CCA @ -18 Deg:     575
RC at 25 Deg:     105
Length:     235
Width:         172
Height:     184
Total Height:     220
Wet Weight:     15.66

NZ$ 210.00 including GST
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