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Panasonic Eneloop Charger + 4 AA

Panasonic Eneloop Charger + 4 AA
Panasonic AAA, AA battery charger with x4 AA Eneloop 2000mAh rechargeable batteries included

The Panasonic Eneloop 4 Cell Charger with 4 AA Batteries is the perfect kit for your photographic power needs. Unlike standard rechargeable batteries, the Eneloop Ni-MH batteries are capable of holding their charge much more efficiently and will retain 75% of a full charge after 3 years unused. This makes them ideal for sparingly used gear such as Speedlights, wireless flash receivers and transmitters. Eneloops are also advantageous in that they have no memory effect. This allows you to charge them up to 1800 times regardless of their remaining capacity and be confident they are performing at their peak efficiency. The charging unit is small, lightweight and has been specifically developed for Eneloop batteries. The Panasonic Eneloop 4 Cell Charger comes with 4 pre-charged Eneloop AA batteries and is capable of recharging 4 AA batteries in approximately 10 hours.

  • Charges 2 or 4 AA or AAA batteries.
  • Batteries are pre-charged and ready for immediate use.
  • Rated at 1800 charge cycles.
  • Holds 75% of charge after 3 years.
  • No memory effect eliminates the need to discharge before recharging.
  • The Compact, lightweight charger is ideal for travel.

Suitable battery

Charge Time

HR3UTG x 4 (AA)

Approx. 10 hrs

HR4UTG x 4 (AAA)

Approx. 8 hrs


Input power supply

240VAC 50Hz


118 x 75 x 40mm


230g (without batteries)

Temp range

0 to 35o C

* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice

NZ$ 59.90 including GST
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