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A digital multimeter that is designed to measure a range of electrical parameters, including voltage, current, resistance, and continuity. With its compact and lightweight design, it is perfect for both professionals and hobbyists.
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Perfect for both professionals and hobbyists who need a reliable and accurate measuring device that is easy to use. It features a LCD screen that displays readings clearly, and the auto-ranging function ensures that measurements are always accurate and precise. Whether you're working on a DIY project or a complex electrical system, this is an essential tool that can help you get the job done safely and efficiently.

LCD Display: Large 50mm LCD display
Measurement Ranges: It has several measurement ranges for each function, including DC voltage (200mV-1000V), AC voltage (200V-750V), DC current (200uA-10A), resistance (200ohm-2Mohm)
Continuity Test: It has a continuity test function that sounds an audible alarm when a circuit is continuous
Diode Test: It has a diode test function that allows you to check if a diode is working properly
Auto Polarity: It has an auto polarity function that automatically adjusts the display to show positive or negative values
Low Battery Indicator: It has a low battery indicator that alerts you when the battery needs to be replaced
Transistor test function: allows you to test the gain and polarity of bipolar junction transistors
Compact Design: It has a compact design that makes it easy to carry around and use in tight spaces
Battery Test: checks the voltage of dry cell 1.5V and 9V batteries

Polarity: Auto Indication (-)
Voltage DC: 200mV, 2000mV, 20v, 200v, 1000v
Voltage AC: 200v and 750v (45-450hz)
Current DC: 200uA, 2000uA, 20mA, 2000mA, 10a
Resistance: 200 Ohm, 2000 Ohm 20k Ohm, 200k Ohm, 2000k Ohm
Dry Cell Battery Check: 1.5v (AA, AAA, C, D) and 9v
Diode Test: 1mA current for forward Vdrop
Transistor: hFE (0-1000) at 3.2v
Accuracy: < +/- 1.0% full scale reading
Battery: 9v dry cell
Internal Fuse: M205 (F500mA0
Low Battery Warning: 7.5v
Dimensions: 126mm x 69mm x 24mm
Weight: 115g


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NZ$ 29.90 including GST
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