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VARTA AGM/SILVER 12V Car battery D52, 560 901 068, DIN55LH (Cycling and/or starting) (FREE DELIVERY, no Rural tickets)

VARTA AGM/SILVER 12V Car battery D52, 560 901 068, DIN55LH (Cycling and/or starting) (FREE DELIVERY, no Rural tickets)
D52, replaces: 563 400 061, D15, DIN55LH, DIN55L, DIN55LMF, DIN55LHMF, MF55H, SMF55L, DIN55LU, DIN55FU, 3552, 3554, L2, MF55530 MF55559, MF56219, 555059048, 562019054, 555059042, 565103060, 562107051, 555112048, 560102051, 5634000612, H5, D52, LN2, 027, 560500056, D53, D24. QUALITY AGM BATTERY

Capacity (C20 rate): 60Ah, Crank rating (EN CCA): 680
Dimensions (L x W x H =mm): 243, 175, 190
Weight (Kg): 17.72
NOTE: 190mm high not 175mm

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Silver/AGM Dry Cell Technology -Varta's latest LEAD based Battery Technology, for the latest and the best peformance.

European Designed and manufactured Batteries for European Cars -It just makes sense.

The VARTA brand has a history going back more than 125 years. VARTA batteries are factory fitted by major car makers and trusted by drivers globally. You may not recognise the VARTA as it may be labelled as a genuine part by the car maker, and will be labelled with there brand, but we sneak the VARTA logo or codes in there somewhere.

Whenever you choose a VARTA battery you can trust in the expertise of a global technology leader -just like the majority of top car manufacturers do. New application developments by companies such as AUDI, BMW, FORD, MERCEDES-BENZ and more include Start-Stop and Micro Hybrid systems. This has led to new battery technologies such as AGM, EFB, Li-Ion, Silver, Calcium and now 48v technology in vehicles.

VARTA technology has up to 3 times more cyclability endurance than that of conventional batteries.


Capacity (C20 rate):  60Ah

Crank rating (EN CCA):  680

Dimensions (L x W x H =mm): 242, 175, 190

Weight (Kg): 17.7

Bottom Ledges on all four sides

Terminal Type: SAE Standard/Solid

Terminal Configuration -see features tab


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