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Trojan S-875 8V 165AH Silver Battery

Trojan S-875 8V 165AH Silver Battery
8v 165Ah battery
An affordable range from Trojan with the addition of Silver to the plate chemistry. Engineered to provide rugged durability and outstanding performance, Originates from Trojan Signature range which is the Silver Trojan option here in NZ.

Volts: 8, 20 AH Capacity: 165a
Length: 262mm, Width: 181mm, Height: 273mm
Wet Weight: 26.1kg

NO RURAL DELIVERIES FOR THIS ITEM. (based on locations deemed to require rural ticketing by any carrier/courier).
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TRS-875 8V 165AH

Trojan’s Silver Line is perfectly suited for use in a variety of applications where lowest life-cycle cost is the key consideration.

BUT a QUALITY brand is still a preferance!!

Trojan batteries are a leading brand of top quality and performance deep cycle batteries. They are suitable for a huge variety of applications, golf carts, solar, camper vans, sweepers, marine and platforms
Volts: 8
20 AH Cap: 165a
Length: 262mm
Width: 181mm
Height: 273mm
Wet Weight: 26.1kg
Ideal as deep cycle batteries for GOLF TRUNDLERS, boats, buses and campers. They can be used directly or through an inverter for lighting, TV's, radios, instruments and appliances.
High quality product

Specifications in PDF for download HERE

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TRS-875 8V 165AH