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L.E.D Work Lamp Flood Beam - 2000 lumens -single (free delivery)

L.E.D Work Lamp Flood Beam - 2000 lumens -single (free delivery)
72707, Ultra-reliable high powered L.E.D work lamp, A robust and compact work lamp, ideal for fitment to machinery where space is limited. Fully sealed (IP68) powder coated die-cast aluminium housing with in-built Deutsch' connector for uninterrupted wiring

HIGH Quality NARVA -as always.

The benefits of l.E.D. Technology are numerous so it’s no surprise that work lamps too are utilising l.E.Ds to provide lamps with lower current draw and long life. Perhaps more importantly, l.E.Ds are resistant to shock and vibration making l.E.D work lamps tougher than their halogen counterparts and able to deliver a whiter light that appears brighter and therefore more effective.

CURRENT DRAW    1.0A at 12V, 0.5A at 24V
LUMENS    2000

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