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ALSO SR48, AG5, SG5, LR48, 193, 309, 393, LR754, SR754, V393 + more. QUALITY
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Weight: 0.0188 lbs.
Voltage: 1.55
Capacity: 75mAh
Chemistry: Silver-Oxide


Fits and replaces: Laser Max LMS-1131P Laserlyte MBS1 Mini Boresighter Univ 22-50 uses three Sight Mark .223/5.56 caliber boresight LaserLyte V-2 Sub-Compact Type C Type Timex C SW754W Timex F Cell Coast TekTorches LED LENSER SKC10 Carabineer Watch LaserMax 1141 P LaserMax 1141P Pakko L750 Pakko L760 Suncom L750 LaserLyte FSR00V2140 Sub-Comp V2 LR 754+ LR754+ Energizere 393 DURA 393 Timex C Battery UCC393 UCC 393 RW 58 RW58 Energizer SR754W Interstate WAC5200 Rayovac RW48 Everyready 393 GS15B QW18 S15 S16 Timex 323 SR75W SR48 CITIZEN 13 ROYOVAC QW27 ROYOVAC RW47 G5 9909 SBB1 547 TIMEX K 247 10LI23 RENATA 2 25CR16 QW25 25CS16 QW26 26CGL20M 26CGL24M 26CGL34M 26CL20M 26CL24M 26CL21

Fits and replaces: Taylor digital Thermometer Model 9860 G5CNB G5 CNB Micro Cell ANSI 1181SO ANSI 1136SO ANSI 1137SO I.E.C. SR48 IEC SR48 I E C SR48

Fits and replaces: SR393 SR574 Union Carbide 323 Union Carbide Lenmar SR48W Lenmar SR48SW WC393 WC309 RW 48 LaserMax LMS-1141P Glock 17 Glock LMS393 Energizer 393 Energiser 393 LR750 Battery Guide Rod Lasers (use three 393 cells)that Fit Glock & Springfield XD Laser Max GLOCK 17, 17L, 19-24, 31, 32, 34, 35, 37, 38 -w/sn# prefix "AAA", "BBB", "GGG", "4A", "4B", "4G", or "5B" Springfield XD excluding 3" subcompact, and 4" .45 ACP Mallory 10L123 Type F Replaces old Timex C Type mercury outlawed because of mercury content ROYOVAC QW28 ROYOVAC QW48 SBB3 546 TIMEX F 255 10L123 RENATA 15 SR48 CASIO R11 CASIO MODULE QW15 CASIO R19 Renata 309R Rayovac 309 SEIKO 0300H Rayovac 323, Interstate WAC5030, QW16, QW17, Casio QW16 Casio, Casio QW17 Casio, QW18, Casio QW18 Casio, QW20, Casio QW20 Casio, QW21, Casio QW21 Casio, QW25, Casio QW25 Casio, QW38, Casio QW38 Casio, QW45, Casio QW45 Casio, QW60, Casio QW60 Casio, QW52, Casio QW52 Casio, Laser Max, LMS-1131P for Glock 19,23, 32, LMS-1141P for Glock 17,22,31, LMS-1141LP for Glock 35, 35, LMS-1151P for Glock 20, 21, LR48, LMS-1151PFGR for Glock 20, 21 FG/R, LR48, AG5, G5A, LR754, LR750, 193, L754, 393A, L 754, L 750, LR 754, LR 750, L 58, LR 58, Lasermax 1131P laser sight, Timex C, C Timex, Bulova 255 Watch Battery, SR754SW, SR754W, Bulova 7OT Watch Battery, Bulova 701 Watch Battery, Lenser LL7578 Micro Flex Flashlight, MR48, 323 1.35 volt old outlawed mercury battery, Maxell does not make this battery, TOPAZ SYSTEMS MODEL TL75513, TL75513, LR750, Timex C, Timex Type C, AG5 Eveready 193, 309, S754, L754 Renata 16, 15 Duracell D393 Varta V393 # Eveready 193, 309, S754, L750, L 750, L754 Renata 16, AG5, LR48, LR754, 193, 393, LR 750, 15 Duracell D393 Varta V393 RayoVac 393 Maxell and Toshiba SR754W, LR48, LR750 Other SG5, GP93, AG5 IEC SR48 RayoVac 393 Maxell Toshiba SR754W, LR48 Other SG5, GP93, AG5 IEC SR48 aG-5, ag 5, SR48, 393, 93, 398A.

Fits and replaces these models also: Bulova 7OT,IEC MR48, IEC SR48, Interstate Batteries 309BULK, Interstate Batteries AWAC5030, J.I.s. GS5,Maxell MR48, Maxell SR754SW, National SR754SW, Neda 1156M, Panasonic SR754SW, Renata 8, Seiko SBC3, Varta 309 BULK, Varta 506, Vinnic H754, Watch Batteries 323, Watch Batteries 506, Watch Batteries 8, Watch Batteries D323, Watch Batteries E13, Watch Batteries H754, watch Batteries HG5, Watch Batteries MR48, Watch Batteries RW58, Watch Batteries SBC3, 309, 323, 323BP, D323, RW58, Eveready No. 393, UCAR 393, Rayovac RW48, Renata 393(15) Renata 393, Renata 15, Varta V393/546, Varta V393, Varta V546, Varta 546, Mallory S393, Berc BSR48H, Omega 9915, Bulova 255, Timex Type F, Seiko SBB3, Seiko SB B3,

This is from the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute 1998-2000 Edition Handbook on Battery Number System. This Battery is cross-referenced as: AWI S08, Energizer 309, Bulova 70T, Duracell D309/393 and 10L13, Maxell SR754SW, Panasonic SR754SW and WS-6, Rayovac 309 and RW38, Renata 309 and 16, Sony SR754SW, Toshiba SR754SW, Varta V309 and 526, IEC SR48, and Misc. battery numbers GS5 and SG5 and SR754.

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