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Inverter Charger, 12v 1600w with 70amp Charger

Inverter Charger, 12v 1600w with 70amp Charger
European design.
Victron Phoenix .
12Volt DC Input/Output
1600VA AC (1300watts @25 Deg C and 1200watts @40 Deg C).
QUALITY, reliability

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The Victron range of inverter/chargers provide an all in one, simple inverter/charger solution to providing power to your remote power home, Motor home, Boat or Industrial application.

The Victron Inverter/Chargers incorporate a sophisticated multi-stage Battery Charger, a high Surge rated, Pure Sine Wave Inverter and Automatic Transfer Switchto switch from Site/Shore/Generator to the internal inverter, automatically.

Victron Inverter/Chargers also feature Generator support; the unit can add to the generator's or limited site power for times of high demand!


Output power continuous: 1600VA
Dimensions (mm): 375h x 214w x 110d
Output watts continuous : 1300W
Mass: 10Kg
Output power surge: 3000W
Battery high protection: Yes
Input voltage: 9.5-17V
Battery low protection: Yes
Standby current: 2 - 8 W
Overload protection: Yes
Output frequency: 50Hz +/-0.1%
Over temp protection: Yes
Output voltage: 230 Vac Sine
Thermal fan: Yes
Output regulation: Sine, <5%THD
Output Power LCD: No
Efficiency: 93%
Fault LED: Yes
Selectable demand start: Yes
Audible alarm: Yes
Output isolation: Yes
Remote control: Optional
Battery Charger 5 stage: Yes
Solar Charger: No
Battery Charger Current: 70 Amps
Generator Support: Yes
Aux Battery charger: 4 Amps
Solar Charger Current: N/A
Automatic load transfer: Yes
Automatic Generator Start: Yes
Number of AC inputs: 1
Number of AC outputs: 1

12Volt DC Input/Output
1600VA AC (1300watts @25 Deg C and 1200watts @40 Deg C)
Surge Capacity of 3000watts for startup loads. Short bursts.
70amp Fully Automatic 4 stage adaptive battery charger. Dual bank capable.
16 Amp AC Automatic Transfer switch
All this in one easy to use unit. No fuss fully automatic operation 

TBC-C12/1600/70-16 (I/POWER)