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50-CE-30 24v-12v 30amp Equaliser Charger

50-CE-30 24v-12v 30amp Equaliser Charger
Used to convert the charging system from your 24volt battery set-up to a 12volt battery set-up. Starting batteries to battery bank. **CLICK IMAGE FOR INFORMATION AND TO BUY**

The charge equalizer, also known as a even charger operates in a two battery 24 volt DC negative earth system 
The Charge Equaliser balances the charge rate of two 12 volt batteries in series by monitoring the voltage at the terminals of the two batteries, and dividing the charging/discharging current equally between the two to ensure equal charging/discharging of both batteries. 
It can also be used to maintain a charge in a separate 12 volt auxiliary battery Capable of 12v 30 amp continuous output 
Current limited to prevent overloading 
Note this is the 13.8 volt output model better for charging batteries 

Yes charge your 12 volt house batteries from your 24 volt starting battery

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