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Fangpusun 12/24v 30amp S/C with LCD

Fangpusun 12/24v 30amp S/C with LCD

PWM shunt battery charging 
state of charge (SOC) battery regulation 
built in Ah counter 
boost charging 
equalising charge 
float charging 
automatic load reconnection 
manual load switch 
automatic selection of voltage (12 V / 24 V) 
temperature compensation 
field adjustable parameters by two buttons 
lighting control options during nighttime 

With the lcd screen you can look up your 
Battery state of charge 
Battery voltage 
Actual produced solar 
Charging current from solar 
Accumulative sum of ah 

and if the load output is used, note up to the amp rating of the controller 
Current drawn by load 
Accumulative sum of draw 
Deep discharge warning 
Load disconnection if battery voltage to low

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