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Solar Panel 12v 2w Amorphous

Solar Panel 12v 2w Amorphous
Panel includes attached battery clamps (not shown in image). For more details on this product and to buy online "click on image".
No Solar Controller required.
Click on image for more options.

Size: 162 x 315mm Voltage: 13 - 18V- Current: 100 - 150mA Power- watts peak: 1.2 - 2.4W- Temp range: - 50°C to +70°C - Depends on light intensity.

Amorphous Panels, designed for maintenance charging without the over-charge factor. Amorphous panels do not require direct sunlight.

Great for stored batteries, Cars, Boats, Motorcycles with infrequent use.

NZ$ 49.90 including GST
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