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V389, V390 Battery BUDGET OPTION

V389, V390 Battery BUDGET OPTION
BUDGET QUALITY, BUDGET OPTION Battery for applications and personal reasons where the high-end battery is just not required.

SR1130W, SR54, SR1130, SB-BU, 280-15, M, V389, D389, 626, S1131E, GP389, AG10, AG-10, 389, 189, L1131, G10, V10GA, LR1130, GP189, LR54, SG10, A389, L1131, L1131C, L1131D RW89. LR1130S, LR1131, L1131/D, LR1130H, 389A, 389E, 389X, L1133, SR1131, LL1131, LL1131F, L1131F, L1131H, LR1130X, L-1131, SR1130PW, L1130, LH1130, E389, SR1130SW, SR54, SR1130, SB-AU, 280-24, V390, D390, 603, GP390, S1131E, 390, 390A, 390X, E390

Voltage: 1.55v
Size: 3.1mm x 11.6mm
Type:- Silver Oxide

  • Maxell V389 Watch Battery (SR1130W, v390)
    NZ$ 8.90 each
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  • Maxell V390 Watch Battery (SR1130SW, v389))
    NZ$ 8.90 each
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NZ$ 3.00 including GST
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