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27 Case Size 12v Deep Cycle battery 100-105ah

27 Case Size 12v Deep Cycle battery 100-105ah
Deep Cycle Flooded open-top battery.
Size 27 case:
Dual Terminals
Length 303mm x Width 172mm x Height 201mm, Total Height 222mm
100 A/hrs, 12 VOLTS
Approx 22kg

Click image for more options.

THE IMAGE IS GENERIC but reflectant on physical size

Product sent will be either NP-POWER or EXIDE

(if both brands out of stock at time of purchase, substitutions will apply But chemistry, size and AH will remain the same [ah=100-105])

If you have a preferance of brand please indicate this in the "notes" when you complete your online purchase)

To assist you with your choice click on the brand for more information>>> NP-POWER   EXIDE

Equivalent to other part numbers such as: USD70, USD70Z, D70, D70Z, N70DC, 27DC, MDC27/105, IDC27/105, 27DC-3, ED5, DC12V105, CR27DC115, DC12V115, 27, 27-AGM, 27TMX, SCS200, 5503 = OTHERS.

NZ$ 293.25 including GST
NZ$ 25.00
27 size cycling battery
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