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Lithium 12v, 22AH Battery and Charger COMBO (T-BAR)

Lithium 12v, 22AH Battery and Charger COMBO (T-BAR)
LITHIUM BATTERY AND CHARGER COMBO with battery, bag, charger and T-BAR connection lead.
Experience the difference when a battery doesn't have to use as much power just to carry its own weight! QUALITY.
Lithium Batteries require Lithium Battery chargers
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Nominal Voltage - 12.8V

Max. Con. Working Current - 30A

Min. Con. Cut Off Voltage - 10V

Charging Voltage - 14.4V

Charging Current - 4V

Recharging Time - 5.5 Hours

Charging Temp. - 0-45°C

Cycle Life - 1500-2000 time (80%DOD)

Charger information:

This Lithium Battery Charger is specific to the battery it is sold with (not sold separately)

12v 4amp Lithium Battery Charger

CC/CV charging applications

Battery Weight: 3kg
Voltage:  12.8vdc
Ah: 22
Length:  180mm
Width:  76mm
Height:  166mm
Total Height:  166mm

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