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Lithium 12v, 22AH Battery and Charger COMBO (MGI)

Lithium 12v, 22AH Battery and Charger COMBO (MGI)
LITHIUM BATTERY AND CHARGER COMBO with battery, bag, charger and MGI Anderson connection lead.
Experience the difference when a battery doesn't have to use as much power just to carry its own weight! QUALITY.
Lithium Batteries require Lithium Battery chargers
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Nominal Voltage - 12.8V

Max. Con. Working Current - 30A

Min. Con. Cut Off Voltage - 10V

Charging Voltage - 14.4V

Charging Current - 4V

Recharging Time - 5.5 Hours

Charging Temp. - 0-45°C

Cycle Life - 1500-2000 time (80%DOD)

Charger information:

This Lithium Battery Charger is specific to the battery it is sold with (not sold separately)

12v 4amp Lithium Battery Charger

CC/CV charging applications

Battery Weight: 3kg
Voltage:  12.8vdc
Ah: 22
Length:  180mm
Width:  76mm
Height:  166mm
Total Height:  166mm

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