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ACCESSORIES Wind Turbine Brake Switch

ACCESSORIES Wind Turbine Brake Switch
All Air Breeze and Air X turbines listed on our site have over-speed protection. BUT sometimes it is handy to have a full brake switch (on/off) for your turbine just in case the pressure of a storm may short the over speed protection and your turbine may fall to pieces. A small price for an extra that may be worth so much more.
ONLY compatible with our listed AIR BREEZE and AIR X Wind Turbines.
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The 3-Position Stop Switch is recommended as an easy method for shutting down both Air Breeze and Air X Turbines (a switch is included with each new Air Breeze turbine). This super heavy duty switch is "triple sealed" with a flexible acrylic coating, T5 clear vapor seal and a toggle boot cover.

The DC rated 50 amp switch allows you to "stop" the turbine. The switch first disconnects the battery and then shorts the turbine output wires together causing the turbine to stop spinning (in high winds the blades may spin slowly). Shorting the turbine does not cause any damage or additional wear on the unit.

1.1" Chrome Lever
Zinc Die Cast Metal Body
#8 Screw Terminals
.5" Diameter Mounting Hole

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