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UPS TBC/E Series DX Unit, 2000VA 1400W

UPS TBC/E Series DX Unit, 2000VA 1400W
This E-SERIES DX 2000VA 1400 watt unit affordably protects mission critical applications from downtime, data loss and corruption.
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The E Series DX UPS double-conversion UPS affordably protects mission critical applications from downtime, data loss and corruption. The double-conversion architecture incorporates rectifier and inverter stages to completely isolate the output power from all input anomalies. By adapting to a wide range of input voltages, the E Series DX avoids battery usage during minor power fluctuations, saving its capacity for times when utility power is completely lost.
This topology guarantees consistently high level of power quality. Whatever the disturbances on the distribution waveform is regenerated via the AC to DC then DC to AC conversion process. The battery is used only as a backup source.DX uses High Frequency technology to bring its users a compact UPS that
delivers perfect sine wave output. DX UPS have a very wide input voltage range up to 120-300V, optimised to improve compatibility with engine generator sets and reduce the numbers of transfer to battery power. The batteries are used only for the most serious incidents, maximising available backup time and extending battery life.
Double conversion topology assures maximum reliability
Wide input-voltage range appropriate for the harshest electrical environments
Standard Models for fixed-run time performance
Tested for generator compatibility
Automatic bypass for fault-tolerance
Optional SNMP communications provides remote networkbased monitoring
XL Models for customised, long run-time applications, with fast recharging
Cold start on battery power allows portable power
WINPOWER software monitors power conditions
Intuitive front-panel user interface for consistent status indication
Topology Online double-conversion IGBT with micro-controller
Configuration Tower
Part Number EDX2000HA
Rating (VA/Watts) 2000VA/1400W
Efficiency >85%
UPS Bypass In-Built Automatic Relay Bypass
Dimensions (H x W x D, mm) 340 x 192 x 460
Weight (kg) 32
Electrical Input
Connection (1) IEC-320-C14
Input Voltage Range 122V to 300V
Nominal Voltage 220V
Voltage Range 208/220/230/240V
Frequency '50/60Hz, auto-detection
Frequency Range 46Hz - 64Hz
Input Power Factor > 0.95pf
Input Current Distortion <30% THDi
Electrical Output
Voltages 208/220/230/240V
Nominal Voltage 220V
Voltage Range 208/220/230/240V
Output voltage regulation ±2%
Output Receptacles (6) IEC-320-C13
Power Factor 0.7
Output Frequency 50 / 60Hz
Load Crest Factor 3:1
Battery Description Valve Regulated Lead Acid, AGM
Battery Type 8x 12V, 7.2 Ah
Start On Battery Unit can be started without being connected to AC utility power -- allows for portable power source
Recharge Time < 5 hours to recover 90 percent of nominal backup
User Interface Led's
LEDs LED mimic diagram with 4 x LEDs for Utility, Bypass, Inverter & Battery Status,
Audible Alarms Battery Operation Mode, Low Battery, General Fault, Overload, On Bypass
Communication Ports 1 off Intelligent-Slot (Empty), 1 x RS232 DB9 Serial Port
Power Management Software WINPOWER power management software, included on CD
Environmental & Standards
Audible Noise <50dB
Operating Temperature 0°C to 40°C
Safety markings CE
EMC Markings IEC/EN 62040-2 Category C3
Markings CE, C−Tick
Data Line Protection Input / output jacks included for telephone / modem / internet line surge protection
Storage Temperature 0°C to 40°C
Relative Humidity 5 to 95%, no condensation allowed
Altitude 1000m above sea level
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TBCEDX2000HA 1400W
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